Monday, June 2, 2014

12 Reasons Dads are Awesome and Should Be Appreciated this Father's Day!

It's time to party!! Here are 12 Reasons Dads are Awesome and Should Be Appreciated this Father's Day!Regardless of when they come into your life, Fathers should be appreciated for the love, care, time and devotion they have poured into us.  Some fathers start at the beginning, with giving you life.  Some step in later to fill an empty void that needs their patient presence an then there are times when there are multiple homes and the kids just get that lucky gift of having 2 dads.  
It's safe to say that we all have an incredible dad in our life. Whether our own, one we've claimed later in life, an uncle, a grandfather or even the sons or son-in-laws that we are thankful for; for stepping up and leading the next generation. 
Whoever the father, here are 12 (sometimes humorous) reasons that dads are awesome and should be celebrated this Father's Day. 

1. They gave you life....  Regardless of the journey, they are 50% of the reason you exist today. Be thankful.
2. Dads help out... Often doing the most unpopular tasks, Dad steps up to mow the lawn, take out the recycle, walk the dog or unload the dishwasher.  Some are great handymen and don’t forget Dad’s job as the official spider-killer.
3. They secretly love tea-parties...  Even if their etiquette needs improvement.
4. They tell Dad jokes...  So a guy walks into a bar ... Ouch, those iron bars can really hurt. C'mon...  we've all been there!
5. Dad's like to experiment in the kitchen and cook without recipes....  usually those recipes end in needing ketchup, syrup or hot sauce. 
6. They rarely chastise their kids for playing with their food...  In fact, they seem to encourage it.
7. Dads LOVE to wash the car...  Even if they're not so great at cleaning the bathroom.
8. Dad's love dressing their kids up in the same stuff they wear...  Or is that the other way around?
9. Dads are super calm during emergencies...  Even if it means keeping the family calm during an earthquake in their underwear 
10. Dads are there to encourage you...  Nobody thinks you’re smarter, more clever, or more accomplished than your dad. Well, maybe Mom, but it’s a pretty close tie.

11. Dads love to inspire... Your Dad believes in you. He gives you the confidence to be your own person, to be persistent and to follow your dreams.

12. Dads are adventurous... They are up for a good time. While Mom might hesitate, Dad will join you on the scariest roller coaster, in the creepiest haunted house, or down the steepest slope- and love every minute of it. (You may be done, but they'll likely bug you to do it again...)

How will you celebrate dad this year? How will you tell your husband, brother, son, son-in-law how proud you are of them for stepping in to such an honorable role?
At Ontario Bakery, we would love to be part of your celebration.  We are family run and owned and love supporting family with cakes, sweets and delights, whenever we can. Let us know how we can make your Father's Day the sweetest one yet!

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