Monday, June 23, 2014

Celebrate the 4th of July by Keeping it Safe, Fun and Delicious for Kids!

Fourth of July means celebrating American independence with friends, family, BBQ and fireworks. We know you won't be letting your little one crawl around with a lit sparkler, but small children are curious creatures, so let's talk about a few ways to make this years celebration safe, fun and delicious!  

Celebrate the 4th of July by Keeping it Safe, Fun and Delicious for Kids!

Rock your red, white & blue

No matter what you do or where you go, you can celebrate easily by sporting your red, white and blue. Dress the kids up in their favorite accent colors and let them have fun with it!  Get temporary hair color and die the ends of pony tails red or blue! Your kids are going to look adorable so be sure to have your best colors on too!  Photo ops will be abundant and you want to be caught looking good! 

Backyard BBQ 

Keep your BBQ stocked up with palate pleasers!  You can have watermelon for kids of all ages, but especially the babies! (you may want to dress your toddler in red, to hide the juicy mess) Corn on the cob is also good for the younger ones.. and adults! Also keep in mind that, although well-meaning, relatives are likely to want to hand out candies and ice cream to cute little ones.  This being said, they could end up with 20 pieces of candy in an hour if no one catches on! So, solution is to provide plenty of fruits and healthy snacks and have one big cake that everyone can dive into later!


There are definitely some states out there that have outlawed the use of personal fireworks, but others haven’t. So either keep your little ones inside if there are people running around with lit sparklers. Keep in mind that fireworks don't always behave the way they are intended to. Bottle rockets can go the wrong direction, sparks or strings may whiz and go hay wire, a string of firecrackers may be accidentally flung your way and those sparklers can cause burns if someone doesn’t notice your little one in your lap and runs by. Also, the loud noise can be hard on little ears, if not downright dangerous. If you do want them to enjoy the fun, consider making a marked safety perimeter for people to stay behind.

Fire Work Displays

If your city has a fire works display or performance, by all means, go! Just check out ahead of time about the place you can watch from a respectable distance, in case it ends up being too frightening for the smaller kids. Be sure to bring ear protection to lessen the shock, or to allow younger babies to sleep while the rest enjoy the festivities. 

Safety and fun can definitely go hand-in-hand during this year's 4th of July celebration. With the right colors, foods and entertainment, it's sure to be a memorable one. Definitely take plenty of photos and have fun!!  

For custom 4th of July cakes and favors, visit Ontario Bakery.  From us to you, Happy 4th of July!

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