Thursday, June 12, 2014

8 Reasons Kids Need Their Dads: Perfect Reminder To Celebrate Dad for Father's Day

Fathers play a critical role in the development of their children.  Though we don't need proof, research shows that fathers who are actively involved in raising their children can make a positive and lasting difference in their lives. 

And in the spirit of Father's Day, we'd like to point out all the great reasons kids need their dads!

It's True! Here Are 8 Reasons Kids Need Their Dads: A Perfect Reminder To Celebrate Dad for Father's Day!
Listed below, are 20 reasons why your child needs you to be an active father. 

1. Let their kids know that they are loved. Love involves more than saying the words, “I love you.” Fathers who love their children demonstrate their love by spending quality and quantity time together.  Children who feel loved are more likely to develop a strong emotional bond with their father and a healthy self-esteem. 
2. Provide their children with a positive male role model. Children, regardless of gender, need positive male and female role models. Children tend to model behavior (positive and negative) that they learn from on a consistent basis. Active fathers can promote positive behaviors by setting a proper example of integrity and kindness for their children. 
3. Provide children with emotional support. In addition to financial support, children also need
emotional support from their parents. Active fathers listen with their whole hearts and support their children when they experience joy, sadness, anger, fear, and frustration. Fathers who support their children emotionally tend to raise children who are more in-tune with the needs of others. 
It's True! Here Are 8 Reasons Kids Need Their Dads: A Perfect Reminder To Celebrate Dad for Father's Day!4. Enhance their children's self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to how a person feels about himself. Children with high self-esteem tend to be happier and more confident than children with low self-esteem.  Active fathers promote their children’s self-esteem by being fully involved in their lives and letting them know that they are highly valued and have something special to offer the world. 
5. Enhances your child’s intellectual development. Children who are raised with actively involved
fathers tend to score higher on measures of verbal and mathematical ability, and also demonstrate
greater problem-solving and social skills. 
6. Provides your child with guidance and discipline. From infancy, children need proper guidance and discipline. Active fathers play an important role in teaching their children proper behavior by setting and enforcing healthy limits. 
7. Gives your child someone to play crazy with! One of the primary ways that fathers bond with their children is through play. According to researchers, there are qualitative differences in the ways fathers and mothers play with their children. Fathers tend to use a more physical style of play (e.g., wrestling) that offers a number of benefits to children, including enhanced cognitive ability and confidence in their strength. 
8. Provides your child with someone to talk to when she has questions. Young children are full of questions. This natural curiosity helps them learn about their environment. Active fathers can be such a valuable source of information for children and safety who are seeking answers to life’s important questions.

Father's Day is upon us.  Children need fathers in their life regardless of the family dynamic, just as much as they need mothers.  We want to not only honor fathers this year, but encourage them in their journey as the role they have is such an important one. 

From all of us at Ontario Bakery, we want to wish you a wonderful Father's Day and would love to make a cake or other sweet treat to add some more greatness to this beautiful holiday for you!!

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