Saturday, August 9, 2014

6 Sweet and Simple Reasons the Cupcake is Here to Stay

6 Sweet and Simple Reasons the Cupcake is Here to Stay !Cupcakes aren't just for kids.  People have been turning to cupcakes to appease their sweets cravings for quite some time now and for good reason too. The cupcake has gone gourmet, it’s become playful, hip, and glamorous all at the same time. Bakeries have opened all over the country with people waiting in lines out the door just for cupcakes! Here's why:

Cupcakes are an appropriate desert for just about every occasion. 

Cupcakes let you have a moment of cake but on a personal level.

They can be served at a backyard bar-b-que or an elegant gala. 

These incredible delights are easy on the wallet for one person or the whole family. 

They can be iced and decorated to suit the likings of your crowd's preferences.

Let's just face it, they are delicious.

Ready for the good news?  You don't have to continue looking at another boring plate of a cookies gone wrong, or indulge in a cake meant for good but filled with the wrong flavor. Cupcakes are a cute and easy way to add flare and sweetness to any occasion and celebration.  They are the best and hottest desert option on the menu. They can be messy but worth every crumb for sure.  Grab a fork and napkin if you want to play it safe!  The truth is, we believe the world would be a happier (and sweeter) place with more cupcakes.  They are easy to make and fun for kids to personalize; even more fun to devour!  

So make a night of it and bake up your own delicious tray. Or give us a call and let us know how we can make a personalized batch just for you! At Ontario Bakery, we make cupcakes the way they were meant to be: fun and creative, simple and delicious or even elaborate and designer for the more sophisticated tastes!

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