Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Celebrate Labor Day With These Fun and Simple Backyard Party Ideas!

Celebrate Labor Day With These Fun and Simple Backyard Party Ideas!Labor Day is known as the signal for summer ending and the start of exciting new fall activities, how we really enjoy the holiday? Most people are looking for some fun ways to celebrate it as it's the last really summer day of fun before the fall activities kick in. As you should; gather your friends and family and make it memorable! Labor Day activities should focus on simple pleasures. After all, once school and fall sports start up, everyone will be hustling around, rushing from one activity to the next. 
Throwing a simple BBQ is a sure fire way to enjoy the day.  It will usually be hot, so whether kids or adults are around, make sure to have a small pool around.  Your guests will be happy to cool off! Keep the grilling goods simple as well.  Stick to hot dogs, burgers and veggie kebabs for those opting out of the meat option. 

Depending on where you are and who your guests are, you can have kites around, bubbles, hula-hoops and chalk; these little pleasures are big crowd pleasers. You can encourage fun photo ops by coloring life-size props on the driveway or sidewalk. For example, a bunch of balloons, a rainbow, a palm tree, animals, fireworks, etc. – use your imagination! You can then have kids lie down next to the drawings and take a picture. Alternatively, cut out a square frame from a cardboard box and have people hold it as they get their photos taken.  This makes great fun and lasting memories! 
Here's are some bonus activities for the active crowd: KICKBALL.  Anyone can play kickball; young and old alike and all you need is a ball and a few bases for some friendly competition. Hide-and-seek can also be hilariously fun when kids partner with adults and hide in pairs together throughout the yard or park.

Celebrate Labor Day With These Fun and Simple Backyard Party Ideas!For the evening hours, plan a fun bonfire and set out s’mores ingredients so guests can make a sweet, gooey treat. If you don’t have a bonfire pit, a chiminea or fire table will work, too. You can even use a grill to roast marshmallows! Just make sure adults supervise the little ones so everyone has a great time without injury. This is the perfect way to say goodbye to summertime and welcome in the fall season!

We are happy to celebrate with you as well!  If you'd rather keep it even more simple, Ontario Bakery will take your cake, cookie, cupcake or cake pop order and customize it exactly to your need!  Call us any time and have a great Labor Day! 

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