Monday, September 22, 2014

Change is Hard! Here Are Some Simple Ways to Help Your Child Adjust Back to School!

Change is Hard! Here Are Some Simple Ways to Help Your Child Adjust Back to School!Going back to school can be hard on a child who's had the luxury of having his or her parents around more frequently. Change can be hard for anyone, really.  But we care about your family and want to leave you with some simple ways to help your child adjust back to school.

Stay Positive

Parent's attitudes have as stronger influence on children than they often realize.  If the parents are stressed about the change, it's almost promised that the child will too. A parent’s attitude has a strong influence on how children view the beginning of school and they easily pick up on and react to their parents’ feelings, and even magnify them.  If instead, parents can choose to be at peace with the situation, and try to share that positivity with the child, they will be more likely to have a pleasant experience. You may suggest to your child that somewhere in their class, there is a child who is waiting to be their friend. You can then ask your child how they will discover this friend!  This sets them up for success and to understand that their anxiety can also be excitement for what's new and undiscovered. 

Consistent Routines

Routines have been helpful in every family since day one.  Going back to school is no different. Having daily routines before and after school can help a child feel a sense of stability amidst their possible feelings of confusion. You could create a checklist even, for children to get organized and stay on schedule. It will also reduce feelings of being rushed in the morning when your hurrying out the door. For after school, have the kids help you with what should be the routine for homework, snack, chores etc... For night time, remember that children between the ages of 5 and 12 need 10-11 hours of sleep. Choose early bedtimes for children who will need to or naturally wake up early. This allows them to feel more rested and be better apt to deal with further challenges. 

Make it Good
Make sure they feel good. This can be with a tradition you create, like Friday Fundays or Taco Tuesdays. But give them things to look forward to in the week.  Perhaps something dependable like milk and cookies.  Who wouldn't love that?  Just make sure that your children feel that this rite of passage they are walking through is beautiful and worth the memories. 

Of course, we want to be your go-to for those delicious after school treats.  Let us know how we can help celebrate your next big step.  Ontario Bakery wants to be with your every step of the way! 

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