Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time to Plan Your Birthday Party! Creative Ways to Celebrate Turning 25

Time to Plan Your Birthday Party! Creative Ways to Celebrate Turning 25Celebrating your 25th birthday should be a fun experience and we are here to give you some great ways to make it the best party yet! 

Start with a theme.

Go with a decade you love, filled with your favorite movies and music. Dress for the era and get your friends to go along with it.  Stay in and dance or go out and strut your evening look! But remember to take pictures!

Remember when.

It's time to revisit the best of old times with your friends and family together. Tell stories about your first kiss, crush or even your first big trip! If you're really feeling daring, talk about that first time you got in trouble and really learned from in. Who knows, the memories that hurt you once would bring a smile on your face today.

Bucket list.

Make a list of 25 things you want to do in the next year. From simple things like calling an old friend to major goals and wishes!  This is your special list on your special birthday. These are al things that you've either forgotten to take the time to do or just never found the time or the courage to take that big leap. Your list should be conquered in a year; making way for newer and better wishes.

Something new.

Knowledge is gained through indulging in something new. Find out that one thing that you have been pining to learn for a long time. Enroll in a class or finally take the test to get certified in your passion.  Many people have long since been dying to learn dancing. But, for some reason they could not indulge into dancing ever. This is your big year. There’s no better time than your 25th birthday to get started with your new range of hobbies. 
Gift yourself.
Who's better at shopping for you than... you? This year, on your 25th birthday, gift yourself something exquisite. It could be something small like a bracelet or something bigger like a new tablet or computer! It's not about the gift, it's about the self love.  So, this birthday buy yourself a gift and, feel the magic love flowing inward.

Time to indulge

Who doesn't enjoy a nice, relaxing bath or a long massage? Days can be long and work demanding; it's time to let it all go and relax with some time for you. Do it alone or with some friends, just make sure you do it! 
I hope you enjoyed our sweet ideas for a 25th birthday party.  As always, we are happy to add to your experience as we love to make your custom birthday sweets!  Call us at Ontario Bakery and let us know how we can make your 25th birthday a delicious event!

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