Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fun Halloween Party Game Ideas You'll Love to Play!

Halloween is just around the corner and you want to be ready, don't you?  Besides great treats and costumes, you're going to want to have some fun games to turn to! We have a few fun Halloween party game ideas we think you'll love and enjoy! Here you go!Apple bobbing
    Fun Halloween Party Game Ideas You'll Love to Play!
  • large bowl or bucket
  • large towel or plastic sheet
  • apples
  • towels for drying off
Swinging apples
  • apples
  • string
Guess the ghost
  • a blindfold

You will need:
Fill your bowl or bucket to 3/4 of its capacity with cold water and place your towel or sheet under the bucket. Put about 4-6 apples in the water and let each child have a turn at getting as many apples as possible - hands must remain firmly behind backs!
The easiest way to get the apples involves getting very wet (you need to push the apple all the way to the bottom of the bucket) so have a towel to hand to mop up wet faces!

You will need:
Here's an alternate version to apple bobbing! Tie string around each apple stem and hang the apples from a doorway. The children can then take turns biting into the swinging fruit while keeping their hands behind their backs! For a sweeter alternative, hang ring doughnuts from the string instead of apples!

You will need:
Sit the kids in a big circle. Put some music on and take it in turns for one child to be blindfolded and walk around the circle, touching the other children's heads. When the music stops, the child that the person who is 'it' has their hands on must let out a ghostly wail.
The person who is 'it' must try and guess who it is. If they guess correctly they swap around. If they do not guess correctly they go around the circle again.
Let Ontario Bakery have the honor of making some great sweets for your spooky night! We can't wait!

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