Monday, January 26, 2015

Can Science Prove that Chocolate is Better Than Being in Love? See For Yourself!

Can Science Prove that Chocolate is Better Than Being in Love? See For Yourself!Could eating chocolate regularly substitute the pleasure of being in love? Well, not totally. But scientists are pointing out that chocolate does in fact, cause the human body to react just as strongly to it in a positive way, as it does to feelings of romance and infatuation. Earlier today, we stumbled upon this interesting article from the folks over at the dailymail. We thought it was definitely interesting enough to pass on to you, our faithful followers. Of course, at Ontario Bakery, we don't need more reasons to love chocolate, but we'll definitely indulge in them! 

The Ancient Incas knew it, as does Bridget Jones and that kindly person who always gives you their last Rolo. Ever since humankind grew its first sweet tooth, there's been nothing like chocolate to raise the spirits. For years, academics have tried to discover exactly what makes it so irresistible - speculating that key ingredients like cocoa beans, caffeine or any of its other 300 compounds can boost energy and libido. But now scientists at Cambridge University have carried out brain scans that suggest a much more simple explanation. Chocolate is linked to feelings of well being simply because it just tastes so good!

They claim munching a bar induces sensations that could be even more pleasurable than listening to your favorite music, winning the lottery, or falling in love. Cambridge neuroscientist Adrian Owen said the balance of the evidence suggested that it was more to do with taste, than psychoactive chemicals. 

The average bar of chocolate, he claimed, simply did not contain enough mood-altering substances to make a difference - some of them, for example, were found in higher doses in a lump of Cheddar cheese or sausage. Dr Owen, who works at the university's Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, said: "The scientific data suggests that the mood-enhancing effects of chocolate are not pharmacological - the constituents of chocolate do not appear to affect the brain via a direct biological action.

"An alternative explanation is that the effects of eating chocolate are psychological - the unique combination of aroma, texture and taste makes eating chocolate a pleasurable experience that stimulates the emotional 'feel-good' centers of the brain. In short, the chocolate tastes good, so we feel good. The evidence for this are scans that have tracked changes in the activity of the orbifrontal-cortex - on the brain's surface - w hich analyses the reward value of incoming inform action to the brain.

As scans on a group of volunteers show ed (see above), the orbi-frontal cortex glows even more when they were munching a bar of chocolate than when they were listening to pleasant music. Dr Owen, 36, said: "Both smelling and eating chocolate activate areas of the brain that are known to be involved in creating feelings of pleasure.It seems chocolate has a unique blend of sensory qualities which m a ke us feel good, activating pleasure centres in the brain. (

Scientific proof or not, we know we love chocolate and so do you, right?  That's why Ontario Bakery strives to provide the most delicious and succulent desserts possible. Valentine's Day is just around the corner too! Be sure to call us and place your order soon! 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Tips from the Bakery: How to Use Maple Syrup!

Tips from the Bakery: How to Use Maple Syrup!With maple syrup, many people just don't know how to use it! So we at Ontario Bakerywant to share a few tips with you so you can feel more ready to explore the delicious flavor of maple in your goodies!
Many people dismiss maple syrup as a sweet sauce that only makes sense at the breakfast table, alongside plates of waffles or pancakes. In fact, maple syrup is notably versatile, and can be a delicious ingredient in innumerable dishes served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.
Maple syrup main courses for lunch and dinner
The Huffington Post compiled a list of its favorite maple syrup-oriented dishes - many of which can be put together within minutes. The news source highlights pork tenderloin with maple-mustard glaze, maple-glazed chicken with mustard, smoky maple-mustard salmon and rutabaga-turnip gratin with maple syrup, among others. In addition, - the official website of MSK Enterprises - has recipe ideas for maple chicken wings, maple baked ham and maple-marinated salmon.
Baked maple treats
It might surprise some people that maple syrup blends so well with mustard and many meats. Fewer people would be shocked to discover that maple syrup has been known to add New England-style toothsomeness to muffins, cookies, cake and other baked treats. The two aforementioned sources provide many recipes along these lines as well. The Huffington Post features maple yogurt coffee cake with blueberries and maple-apple upside-down cake, while MapleMadness provides instructions for maple applesauce muffins and maple doughnuts.
Tips from the Bakery: How to Use Maple Syrup!Alternative suggestions for things to pour maple syrup on
Even outside the realm of baking or cooking, maple syrup has any number of applications beyond enhancing pancakes and waffles. Some people enjoy maple syrup on scrambled eggs and bacon, while others have used it as a major ingredient in milkshakes. Take, for instance, a recipe on for a maple-bacon shake. The complete recipe is available in the book Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes, and calls for rendered bacon and includes vanilla ice cream. (
See? It's not that overwhelming! Ontario Bakery loves to make your mouth water! Please call us and place your custom order today!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Great Wedding Reception Ideas for Those on a Budget!

Great Wedding Reception Ideas for Those on a Budget!Wedding planning is a fun, yet pricey adventure! You could use some creative decorative ideas for the reception that won't cost you another massive dip into your savings!  Ontario Bakery wants the best for your wedding both from decor to the finest cakes! 

Enjoy these great wedding reception ideas for the couple on a budget!

Use White Christmas Lights
Many people use white Christmas lights all year round on their back porches as a simple and elegant decoration. And these lights can make a beautiful addition to any wedding reception venue! They can be hung from the ceiling, around tables, around the cake, or in potted plants. If you don’t want to use Christmas lights, consider lanterns instead.

Seat covers can be expensive to rent and a lot of work to make. Instead of using seat covers, get some beautiful wide ribbon to tie on the backs of the chairs to add some elegance and spruce things up. Ribbon is a cheap alternative compared to fancy seat covers. Enlist the help of friends to get the ribbons cut and tied for the big day.

Cover with Fabric
You can get yards of your favorite fabrics at a craft store and use it for everything from covering tables to draping from the ceiling (i.e. sheer fabrics work well for this and create a romantic atmosphere). Get creative with material to create a soft, intimate atmosphere.

Add Water A nice addition to the entrance of your reception would be a water fountain. It could even be a small one that you have in your home that sits on a table. The sound of a water fountain is so refreshing, and it would be nice for your guests to listen to as they can finally relax at the reception.

There’s nothing more romantic than a dim room lit only by the glow of hundreds of candles. And luckily, candles are inexpensive. 

Engagement PhotosYour guests will love to look at your engagement photographs, and your reception is the perfect place to display them. In fact, your reception may be the only place that some of your guests will ever get to see your engagement photos. And while you’re at it, bring some of your favorite pictures of you and your spouse-to-be to show at the reception. If you are unsure about displaying them in frames or in a collage, consider creating a slide show for reception entertainment.

Ontario bakery wants the best for your celebration. We hope you have enjoyed these suggestions and that you'll come to us first  for your custom wedding cake needs! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

We Know It's Delicious, But What Are the Health Benefits of Chocolate?

We Know It's Delicious, But What Are the Health Benefits of Chocolate?  Research is steadily pointing to the beautiful truth that chocolate, loved by so many, actually has some pretty great health benefits for you! Does this mean, you should move in to your local bakery? Likely not, but it does mean that when you are ready to indulge, you can do so with a lot less guilt!
We Know It's Delicious, But What Are the Health Benefits of Chocolate?  
Chocolate has gotten a lot of media coverage in recent years because it's believed that it may help protect your cardiovascular system. The reasoning being that the cocoa bean is rich in a class of plant nutrients called flavonoids.
Flavonoids help protect plants from environmental toxins and help repair damage. They can be found in a variety of foods, such as fruits and vegetables. When we eat foods rich in flavonoids, it appears that we also benefit from this "antioxidant" power.
Antioxidants are believed to help the body's cells resist damage caused by free radicals that are formed by normal bodily processes, such as breathing, and from environmental contaminants, like cigarette smoke. If your body does not have enough antioxidants to combat the amount of oxidation that occurs, it can become damaged by free radicals. For example, an increase in oxidation can cause low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as "bad" cholesterol, to form plaque on the artery walls.
Flavanols are the main type of flavonoid found in cocoa and chocolate. In addition to having antioxidant qualities, research shows that flavanols have other potential influences on vascular health, such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow to the brain and heart, and making blood platelets less sticky and able to clot.
You've got to admit, that's pretty good news!  Our advice to you? Be sure to follow a balanced diet, complete with ample servings of fruits and green leafy vegetables, and finish it off with a serving of anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate. 
And when you're ready for a little more indulgence, order your very own custom made cake for your special event, birthday or wedding from Ontario Bakery. We know delicious and do it very well! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Best Ways to Say I LOVE YOU to Your Valentine!

The Best Ways to Say I LOVE YOU to Your Valentine!Valentine's Day is quickly coming around the corner, and you'll need more than a box of chocolates to show your loved one that you care. We want to share some quick and easy reminders of how to say I love you with heart and care in a way that speaks right to the heart. Of course, treats are always a good compliment, like custom baked cake pops - but depending on sweets alone, is not enough to show you care!  Try these beautiful ideas below: 

Actions speak louder than words.
Show affection.  Follow through with your commitments. Be on time. DO what you say you are going to do. 

Kiss them somewhere new.
The Best Ways to Say I LOVE YOU to Your Valentine!Lips are great to kiss. But try somewhere new, like the forehead, nose, neck, shoulder or fingers. You'll get a sweet smile, for sure!

Pick up the phone.
We get busy and sometimes, making a phone call (not a text) just to say those three magic words, are the best gift you can give - especially when it's totally a surprise. 

Be quiet.
Your love's problems aren't always yours to solve. Sometimes, being quiet and letting the other person share their heart while you hold them up, is all that's needed to solve things on their own. Less words, more support.

It's ALL right. 
Stop having to be right. Stop having to prove your point all the time. As crazy as your partner might seem, they have their own pain, journey, process and understanding of both life and the situation. Maybe you're both right. Maybe one of you is dead wrong. What's important is that you each are allowed the space to process differently and the respect of not trying to control the other person's healing or understanding. THAT is love. 

Help them fly. 
When you feel truly loved by someone, you feel you can do just about anything. Someone believes in you and encourages you to go even beyond your own limitations. Bette Midler was really on to something when she said, "You are the wind beneath my wings."

This Valentine's Day, go deeper than usual.  Do your normal gifts and traditions, chocolates and cakes, but connect to the heart.  This is beautiful. 

Ontario Bakery loves to support your romance and is always available for custom baked goods. Call for your order today.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fun and Active Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of All Ages!

Fun and Active Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of All Ages!Planning a birthday party in the winter can be hard and leave children feeling jealous 
of the options that come with having a summer birthday. But we at Ontario Bakery know what kid's love, from our custom cake pops to birthday party fun! So if you need some fun winter birthday party ideas, we have just the ones for you!

Swim and Slumber Party 
Having kids sleep over at the house is fun, but even better is having a sleepover in a hotel where you don't have to clean up afterward. Reserve a suite or two at a suite-style hotel, where you can find rooms for under $100. Make it a swimming party while you're at it. It may be cold outside, but most suite-style hotels have indoor pools and meeting facilities, perfect for a winter pool party bash. Need a theme to go with it? Take our experts' suggestions and combine them to make it a luau-swim-slumber party.

Lego Party
Many craft stores offer Lego building parties, but you can do the same theme at home for a fraction of the cost. Purchase small inexpensive Lego and Bionicle kits, or set up plastic buckets of assorted Legos for kids who like to create their own masterpieces. Create a Lego party theme with Lego cut-outs, a Lego cake and play hide-the-Lego games.

Rock Climbing Party
Fun and Active Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids of All Ages!Let kids climb the walls all they want at a rock climbing gym. You can usually find one in most large cities and it's a perfect party place for energetic kids. They offer a variety of climbing structures to choose from, so they're great for children of all ages. If everyone's new to the sport, then go for the party package, which typically includes instructions and all the gear to keep them vertical for hours.

Top Chef Party
A party where the kids create their own meal is fun and easy, plus you can adapt this theme to accommodate kids of all ages. Make it a pizza party with already-prepared dough divided up into small balls. Set out bowls of grated cheese, sauce and assorted toppings -- then leave the rest of the work to the kids. Use extra dough for dessert pizzas topped with Nutella and ice cream. Make invitations that look like menus and give everyone their own chef hats, aprons and wooden spoons for party favors.

Ice Skating Party
Why freeze outdoors when you can have fun on the ice indoors? Take the party to an indoor rink for an ice-skating lesson. Hire one of the teachers at the rink or from a skating club to teach beginners the basics and pros some new tricks. To keep costs down, Suardisuggests purchasing tickets and lessons on your own, rather than paying for a party package -- save the celebrating with the cake for home.

As you plan your birthday party, remember to call Ontario Bakery for all your birthday cake, cupcake and cake pop needs! We love creating custom baked goods for your unique celebration. Call us today for a quote!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

*MUST HAVE* Floral Accents for Every Romantic Spring Wedding

When it comes to Spring weddings, don't get trapped into thinking you're stuck with pastels, daisies and roses. There are many vibrant and elegant floral accent options and we want to share them with you.  

*MUST HAVE* Floral Accents for Every Romantic Spring Wedding
First start with figuring out what kind of wedding are you planning. Hoping to have a traditional dark wedding with black, white and red?  Rather than traditional roses, you may want to consider these 'must have' floral accents that will bring the romance to any Spring wedding!


Bring the smell of Hawaii to your blissful day! The gardenia is a classic smell belonging to tropical climates.  Beautiful and timeless, take advantage of these lovely white beauties by adding them to your accents or simply by placing them delicately tied with ribbon and placed along the tables for all to enjoy!  


Lavender is both a romantic scent and color: that's what makes it the perfect starting point for a such a gently themed wedding. If you love the rich, intoxicating smell of this plant and its soft, sweet shade, infuse your wedding with lavender added to your bouquet, centerpieces and even line them along the ends of each aisle. You, your guests and wedding party will feel relaxed and invigorated at both the sight and smell. 


Jasmine flowers have the power to lure you in from such a distance that it's difficult to notice any smell. They are a fresh scent that makes you feel light and ready to spring into romance; not to mention summer! The Jasmine is perfect for those cliff top and beach side weddings!  Place them into your hair, or as a boutonniere. Any way is a good way for these little gems!


It's clean line and elegant petal form makes a perfect addition to your castle party. Already a symbol of Spring and renewal, this white flower is a perfect picture of vows and commitment.  A complete lily bouquet can be a lovely bridal addition but may be better suited as a main centerpiece. At any rate, these flowers are a fabulous go to! 


Cherry Blossoms are quickly becoming a popular flower for wedding themes - not only because of their beauty in bridal bouquets, but because of their symbolism of innocence, spring and simplicity and the beautiful color schemes that can be created around the blooms. Since cherry blossoms are naturally delicate, I would suggest you keep your wedding details simple and fresh. For your guest table centerpieces, you can use tall white vases with only a couple of cherry blossom branches inside. 

Whatever flowers you choose,  they will surely accent the beauty of your loving celebration. Take it even further with ONTARIO BAKERY and allow us to bring the beauty of your chosen flowers to the decor of your customized Spring wedding cake!   

Enjoy the planning and try not to get under the stress of it all. This is your magical time. Take it in and let us know where we can help lessen the load!