Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Best Ways to Say I LOVE YOU to Your Valentine!

The Best Ways to Say I LOVE YOU to Your Valentine!Valentine's Day is quickly coming around the corner, and you'll need more than a box of chocolates to show your loved one that you care. We want to share some quick and easy reminders of how to say I love you with heart and care in a way that speaks right to the heart. Of course, treats are always a good compliment, like custom baked cake pops - but depending on sweets alone, is not enough to show you care!  Try these beautiful ideas below: 

Actions speak louder than words.
Show affection.  Follow through with your commitments. Be on time. DO what you say you are going to do. 

Kiss them somewhere new.
The Best Ways to Say I LOVE YOU to Your Valentine!Lips are great to kiss. But try somewhere new, like the forehead, nose, neck, shoulder or fingers. You'll get a sweet smile, for sure!

Pick up the phone.
We get busy and sometimes, making a phone call (not a text) just to say those three magic words, are the best gift you can give - especially when it's totally a surprise. 

Be quiet.
Your love's problems aren't always yours to solve. Sometimes, being quiet and letting the other person share their heart while you hold them up, is all that's needed to solve things on their own. Less words, more support.

It's ALL right. 
Stop having to be right. Stop having to prove your point all the time. As crazy as your partner might seem, they have their own pain, journey, process and understanding of both life and the situation. Maybe you're both right. Maybe one of you is dead wrong. What's important is that you each are allowed the space to process differently and the respect of not trying to control the other person's healing or understanding. THAT is love. 

Help them fly. 
When you feel truly loved by someone, you feel you can do just about anything. Someone believes in you and encourages you to go even beyond your own limitations. Bette Midler was really on to something when she said, "You are the wind beneath my wings."

This Valentine's Day, go deeper than usual.  Do your normal gifts and traditions, chocolates and cakes, but connect to the heart.  This is beautiful. 

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