Friday, January 23, 2015

Tips from the Bakery: How to Use Maple Syrup!

Tips from the Bakery: How to Use Maple Syrup!With maple syrup, many people just don't know how to use it! So we at Ontario Bakerywant to share a few tips with you so you can feel more ready to explore the delicious flavor of maple in your goodies!
Many people dismiss maple syrup as a sweet sauce that only makes sense at the breakfast table, alongside plates of waffles or pancakes. In fact, maple syrup is notably versatile, and can be a delicious ingredient in innumerable dishes served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.
Maple syrup main courses for lunch and dinner
The Huffington Post compiled a list of its favorite maple syrup-oriented dishes - many of which can be put together within minutes. The news source highlights pork tenderloin with maple-mustard glaze, maple-glazed chicken with mustard, smoky maple-mustard salmon and rutabaga-turnip gratin with maple syrup, among others. In addition, - the official website of MSK Enterprises - has recipe ideas for maple chicken wings, maple baked ham and maple-marinated salmon.
Baked maple treats
It might surprise some people that maple syrup blends so well with mustard and many meats. Fewer people would be shocked to discover that maple syrup has been known to add New England-style toothsomeness to muffins, cookies, cake and other baked treats. The two aforementioned sources provide many recipes along these lines as well. The Huffington Post features maple yogurt coffee cake with blueberries and maple-apple upside-down cake, while MapleMadness provides instructions for maple applesauce muffins and maple doughnuts.
Tips from the Bakery: How to Use Maple Syrup!Alternative suggestions for things to pour maple syrup on
Even outside the realm of baking or cooking, maple syrup has any number of applications beyond enhancing pancakes and waffles. Some people enjoy maple syrup on scrambled eggs and bacon, while others have used it as a major ingredient in milkshakes. Take, for instance, a recipe on for a maple-bacon shake. The complete recipe is available in the book Thoroughly Modern Milkshakes, and calls for rendered bacon and includes vanilla ice cream. (
See? It's not that overwhelming! Ontario Bakery loves to make your mouth water! Please call us and place your custom order today!

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