Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 Ideas on How to Have the Perfect Spring Baby Shower!

5 Ideas on How to Have the Perfect Spring Baby Shower!It's so fun to plan a baby shower and planning them for the Spring is especially fun, with the Springtime blossoms, new life and excitement! These ideas are great for incorporating the beauty of spring into your baby shower! There are so many inspirational ideas online, but don't get intimidated!  You don't have to have a pinterest-perfect event.  We have gathered some of our favorite spring baby showers ideas from our friends and hope to provide some inspiration for a baby bash that the mama-to-be is sure to smile about long after the baby's arrival.
Birds and the Bees
Though the birds and the bees may have been the cause of this current celebration, we have a little different meaning in mind!  Fill the room with sweet treats and floral delicacies.  Come to us for some custom cupcake toppers and cute bumble bee cake pops for just a few ways to enhance your party day!
Showers of Blessings
It only seems appropriate to have a shower-themed baby shower in this party roundup! Simply cut out and string little gray raindrops and hang them from above the gift table! Custom cloud cupcake toppers and Umbrella cake pops would be a great added bonus your guests will be sure to love.
Secret Garden
Paper flowers are incredibly easy to make and can be a fun shower activity as well!  They can be hung on a string to create the perfect backdrop for a dessert table in bloom! Mix in a few polka dots and lady bugs and you’ll have yourself one sweet baby shower theme.  This is an especially sweet idea if your lovely mama-to-be has a green thumb!  She grows babies too! 
Sunshine and Flowers

Make it a more sophisticated gathering with some outdoor details to celebrate the mama-to-be! A bright or antique lace tablecloth can set the tone for a modern, upscale event that everyone in attendance will enjoy. Leave lavender sprigs can be tastefully placed around the desert and gift table that will leave a relaxing scent for all to enjoy as the spring winds carry their fragrance around the party!  
Down the Rabbit Hole 
Let's take a twist on spring and combine it with Alice in Wonderland!  Bunnies are an old symbol of fertility which is definitely helpful to remind us of a little arrival on a 'very important date!' Another little idea to go with this them is to get little bottles at a crafting store and have your guests write messages of blessings on little pieces of paper that can then be slipped into the bottles for mom to read at a later time!

You have plenty of reasons to celebrate and we want to do what we can to make it as magical as possible.  Please contact us at Ontario Bakery and let us know how we can add that special ingredient to your special day! 

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