Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Make the Best of Strawberry Season With These Unique and Delicious New Recipe Ideas!

Make the Best of Strawberry Season With These Unique and Delicious New Recipe Ideas!Strawberries are coming soon, but do you know what to do with them? Sure, they're delicious the way they are, but how would you like to have a few more creative ways to enjoy them? 

At Ontario Bakery, we love to use strawberries in our icings, cakes and pies, custom made just for you! But we know you love those last minute indulgences and these ideas will leave you wanting more! 

As strawberries begin to make their way into the year, get creative and enjoy them with these delicious creative ideas!

with chocolate
Get out those delicious berries and dip them in some slightly softened chocolate ice cream! If you'd like to avoid the mess, just scoop some into a bowl, add the strawberries and some chopped nuts to the mix.  That's an easy pleaser!

drizzled fresh
Slice those red beauties along with thin slices of cucumbers, drizzled with honey and garnished with chopped mint.  Place in the freezer for a gentle freeze and take out after about 30 min. You'll have a wonderfully refreshing desert that's healthy too!

spread over
Keep it simple.  Spread nutella on the strawberries and pop them into your mouth. Or, go a little further and place both the berries and nutella on a slice of toast!  Great mid-day pick me up!

whipped and stirred
This is one of my favorites and a spin off of strawberry shortcake. Place some bananas in the freezer for about 20 minutes; just enough to chill them.  Chop some strawberry chunks and add to the bananas- wither whole or sliced.  Last, add whipped cream and indulge!! SO delicious!

hot on top
Why not start your day with strawberries too? Just make some quick oats, rice farina or whatever grain based porridge you prefer.  Chop cashews, hazelnuts and strawberries, drizzle some maple syrup and stir.  Enjoy a tasty start to your day! 

smooth and sweet

Smoothies are all the rage these days and for good reasons!  Grab some frozen bananas and throw in those delicious strawberries for a simple smoothie. For more health benefits, add kale, spinach, and even raw honey for sweetening! 

Ontario Bakery is the place to find exciting treats and delicious cakes for all occasions. We love to celebrate with you and look forward to making your special day even sweeter.

Enjoy your strawberries!! 

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