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Mouth Watering, Quick Tips for Better Brownies to Ease Any Chocolate Craving

Mouth Watering, Quick Tips for Better Brownies to Ease Any Chocolate CravingI love brownies. The way they melt in your mouth and spread pure joy throughout your body is incredible.

Chocolate has been long since loved and adored and for good reason too! It's symbolic for love, celebration and has even been known for health benefits when eaten in more pure form. 

Of course, at Ontario Bakery, we are 100% behind the goodness of chocolate and love to share it whenever we can; whether that be wedding cakes, pies, cake pops or cookies. We LOVE chocolate.

We believe you deserve to have chocolate whenever you want; especially brownies. 

For those craving days, here are some quick tips for better brownies, from Michelle Bobora at

Baking tips for better brownies

Brownie making is certainly not rocket science, but knowing the pastry chef's secrets for extraordinary chocolate-dense bars will ensure your brownie eating experience is well beyond bliss. Here are Goldman's baking tips for the best brownies.

1. Choose quality chocolate

Goldman suggests high-quality semisweet or bittersweet chocolate and cocoa. Her favorites are Scharrfen Berger chocolate and cocoa as well as Saco Chunks and Saco Premium. "I also have tested and like Ghirardelli, Droste, and Callebut chocolates," she adds.

2. Sift the cocoa

To avoid lumps of cocoa powder in the midst of a finished brownie, scoop cocoa with a metal measuring spoon or cup, then sift or whisk gently with the flour.

3. Pick the right brownie pan

Pan size and shape are important in any recipe, says Goldman, but especially with brownies because the depth of the batter affects taste and texture. Shallow pans make chewy brownies while deeper pans make denser, cake-like bars. She recommends a 7x11-inch brownie pan made of aluminum, nonstick aluminum, or tin pans.

4. Spread with a spatula

Small metal spatulas are an essential utensil for spreading brownie batter and icing. Goldman suggests dipping spatulas in hot water before using to keep brownie batter from sticking.

5. Prevent over browning

Though you may enjoy the crusty corners or edges of just overdone brownies, having a pan full of hardened, dry bars is the ruin of an afternoon set aside for baking. Place brownie pans on baking sheets lined with parchment paper; this will keep the bottoms of the brownies from scorching before the tops are set.

6. Get to know your recipe

The key to perfectly baked brownies may be practice, practice, practice. Goldman says, "It is hard to ascertain when brownies are done, so it is generally better to go by baking times in recipes…or experience with the same recipe and your own oven to reach perfection." Remember that brownies tend to firm up as they cool so, if you must err, do so on the underdone side. "[They] can be chilled for dense, fudgy squares that are equally as good," Goldman adds. (for the how-to, click here!)

Part of the beauty of chocolate gratification is how fast the craving can be satisfied. What if you could order the most amazing chocolate treats to find your mouth? What if you could customize that order to your visual and sensorial needs!

Well, you can, with Ontario Bakery. We know that while baking is fun - it's often best to leave it to the experts. We ARE those experts. Foresee that craving, the need for a celebration piece, or simply for the fun of it all and call us today to place your own, customized delicious order. 

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