Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to Make an Easy Plan for Any Graduation Party

How to Make an Easy Plan for Any Graduation PartyGraduation season is coming fast. Do you have all your party plans in order? At Ontario Bakery, we have been part of many family graduation processes and the best thing you can do is be properly prepared. 

The first thing to do is to keep in mind that this is a beautiful time. From diapers and bikes, to homework and first dates, you've been there for them. So remember to cherish the planning and not get sucked into the stress of it. 

First things first. 

Do you want the celebration to be big or small? This will be a determining factor for every other detail. Decide if you want it to be intimate or over the top. After that, comes the....

Who do you want there? Who does your graduate want there? Just family? Just friends or both? Be sure to take into consideration any conflict of attendees and deal with those situations beforehand. 

Your 'where' will have a lot to do with the above to points. But you'll also need to consider inside or outdoors. Remember, it's summer, but there's that possibility of June gloom to consider. If you choose to celebrate outside, be sure to have a canopy or party tent available in case it rains. 

Talk to your graduate about their plans. They might already want to head out on a trip with their friends. And since this is to celebrate them, they need to have the first say. You can plan the party for the day before or even right after. Just discuss it first. 

What kind of food do you want to provide? Or do you want a potluck? Anything goes here, but keep it easy. BBQ, finger foods, fruits, veggies and dip are all great options.  For desert, would you like a cake or cupcakes? Cookies are fine too, but the cakes tend to be more fitting for the celebration. As far as drinks, simply decide if you want alcohol, soda, or simply water and juices. All are fine depending on your location and crowd. 

When all is said and done, remember not to stress. Graduations are a wonderful thing to celebrate and at Ontario Bakery, we love to be a part of it. We'd love the honor of making you a custom cake just for your special day. Contact us today to see what creation we can bake for you!

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