Saturday, May 23, 2015

5 Important Life Lessons Every Graduate Must Remember

5 Important Life Lessons Every Graduate Must RememberAt the end of every journey is the start of a new one. Graduation marks the end of a dedicated time of learning and growing but will not end at the toss of your cap. Life's about to welcome you into another great adventure and at Ontario Bakery, we've learned that there some basic things you must know, if you're going to not only survive, but thrive in the next chapter. 

From our family to you, here are 5 important life lessons every graduate must remember:

Many people say that you are the average of the top 5 people you hang out with most. Surround yourself with people who will laugh with you, dream with you and hold your hand through the scary parts. Be sure your friends have goals, life intentions, integrity and honor. What's important to you in life? Be around those people who want and are creating the same.

Things Change and So Do You
You're never as stuck as you think you are. If you feel stuck, that's ok and normal. Sometimes that's life calling you to something greater. And sometimes things aren't as bleak as they seem and you just need to have a little fun or change of scenery!  Change your hair color, take on a new hobby, change your home, your job... whatever. No matter where you are, you can always change it up. And if the change needs to happen within you - notice that. Because that will follow you everywhere and won't leave you alone until you do!

Stress Management
Have a list of what helps you relax and release the stress. Even the best life has a certain level of pressure. Find a productive, healthy outlet for stress. Run. Write. Take up knitting. Dance. Just make sure it feels good and IS good for you.

Get Out There
Taste adventure and try things that scare you. Go rock climbing. Go to karayoke. Read a book on quantum energy. Do things that challenge your limits and you'll expand! 

Think and Do Well
Don't get into habits of complaining. Practice the art of positive action. Life may get hard, but there's always a solution. Instead of focusing on the negative pain, what are some positive actions you can take to change the course of the problem into something that works for you? There are always solutions. 

Graduation is coming up and it's a time to celebrate how far you have come. Of course, we at Ontario Bakery would love to contribute in our own special way, to your wonderful day, with our delicious custom baked goodies. Call us today to place your order! 

The world is waiting for you. Life is ready to be lived so live it well. 

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