Thursday, May 14, 2015

Special Graduation Beauty Tips for Moms and Daughters!

Special Graduation Beauty Tips for Moms and Daughters!These graduation tips are for the mothers and daughters! So many of the tips and topics about graduation revolve around party planning and gift giving, but today we need to address something of equal importance. Graduation beauty tips. This is a big day for you and those supporting you, and it will be photo documented. That being said, we know you want to look good in those pictures, because they are forever.  

At Ontario Bakery, we love to support you and your family in these wonderful times of celebration. So as you enter into graduation season and preparation, enjoy these easy and helpful graduation day beauty tips. 

  • Be sure to wear shoes you can comfortably walk in. Break into new shoes a few days before the ceremony. You don't want to be remembered as the person who fell on their face on stage!
  • Bring hair serum in a small container to tame fly aways after you take off your cap. 
    Special Graduation Beauty Tips for Moms and Daughters!
  • If you're going to be outside, don't forget the SPF on all skin exposed areas, including your ears and neck! 
  • If the ceremony is outside, stray away from sticky lip glosses. One gust of wind can send your hair and tassel sticking to your lips. 
  • Bring sunglasses if the ceremony is outdoors and sunny. 
  • Blotting papers will help get rid oil and sweat spots on your face, so give your face a quick pat with one before taking photos without messing up your makeup.
  • Keep straws in your purse to stay hydrated without messing up your lipstick!
  • Choose a hair style that will look great with and without your graduation cap on. You don't want flat hair at the end of the day!
A few other tips we'd like to share, are to make sure you bring your camera or smart phone fully charged and with a back up charger. Don't get stuck not being able to capture the moment! 

Choose great treats! At Ontario Bakery, we know how good sweets compliment celebrations. Make sure you have just the right one for your special day by coming into our shop and talking with one of our cake stylist. Your day deserves a customized delight. 

Lastly, enjoy it! These memories are forever. You'll look great and be so proud! 

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