Monday, May 4, 2015

The Top Habits of Highly Successful People, for the College Graduate

The Top Habits of Highly Successful People, for the College GraduateOk. So graduation is upon you and everyone is asking, "Now what?" Whether or not you know the answer to that question, is not really the point. The bigger questions are "Who and how?" Who are you and how do you put your talents, gifts and inspiration into practice? All of us, at Ontario Bakery, have had to ask ourselves those questions and have become better people as a result of it. 

We've learned that highly successful people know how to hone in on their passions and purpose and dedicate themselves to the furthering of them.  They don't have to be geniuses, they just know and understand that the key ingredient all success is dedication. Be consistent with the little things and use your time wisely. 

With those two things in mind, we were able to put together a simple list of habits of highly successful people for any college student ready to graduate into their purpose.

1. Welcome critique.
Don't be afraid of constructive criticism. Some of the most brilliant ideas were born from people on a team challenging each other's ideas and strategies. Richard Branson always has one or two key people in his businesses that are there to creatively shake things up. Ask your friends, family and colleagues if and how they see you limiting yourself. Be open and receptive. They may not be right, but it's always worth the reflection and possibly challenge. 

2. Pursue your passion. 
Did you know Michaelangelo was abused by his father whenever he was found painting - because his father wanted him to become a textile merchant? Unfortunately, it's far too common for the world's expectations to crush our deepest passions and longings.  You don't need to be irresponsible, but please don't neglect your bliss. The most successful people in life, both in job and joy - are ones who work with what they love. It becomes play, and that's beautiful!

3. Trust yourself.
You know that little feeling in your stomach, or that little voice in the back of your mind? That's your heart talking to you. All too often, we silence that voice, for the sake of pleasing the masses (or even our family). Pay attention to those little things that set you apart and let them show you who you could really be and what you could do, if you trusted that little voice. 

4. Always work your skills. 
Even prodigies practice their craft. As a child, Mozart played piano for hours everyday. Jimi Hendrix wore his guitar all the time, no matter what he was doing - knowing that he may get a few minutes here and there to practice. Bringing it back to point 2 though, when you're working with your passion, practice is simply play. Hone in on your natural giftings and take them even farther. You might be surprised at where they take you. 

5. Get back on the horse. 
If you fall down, get back up. There will be hard times. You might loose it all and it might hurt a whole lot. Get back up. Learn. Look back and find the little things you could have done differently and start doing them today. You don't gain a bunch of weight over night, and you don't loose it that way. Both happen by making small choices consistently. See where you went off track, take note of it and plan accordingly. Don't let set backs hold you back. Then them fuel your come back. 

6. Take care of yourself.
People who are obsessed with the outcome tend to forget about the present moment. In this moment, you are a human being with needs as well as goals. Tend to the needs and the goals will be met with more ease. Feed yourself healthy food, get enough sleep, exercise and take time for friends and laughter. If you feel you hit a wall, get outside for fresh air and fresh perspective. It always helps.

7. Don't be afraid. 
Risks are always going to be there. Either you'll win or loose. But the bigger loss is in never knowing if you would have won. If you loose, you still gain the lessons that get you closer to winning next time around. Life is full of adventure and innovation simply waiting for you.  Don't be afraid of what you do know. Embrace what you do know and go the distance with it, always learning more and enjoying the ride. 

Ontario Bakery is proud to walk with you every step of the way. We have been there for your from your first birthday to now and hopefully for years to come. We would be honored to celebrate this graduation with you in the ways we know best- with custom cakes and other sweets all in your honor. It's how we follow our passion.

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