Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Have Some Family Style Fun This Fourth of July with These Great Ideas!

Have Some Family Style Fun This Fourth of July with These Great Ideas!
The fourth of July is rapidly approaching! Kids look forward to this day all year, with it's fireworks, ice cream and bbq fun! But since adults want easy fun, we at Ontario Bakery have some great ideas that not only the kids, but the whole family can enjoy!

Old Fashioned
Start with a good game of red rover!  This game is great for kids and a classic one for adults to watch and r ecall the memories of summer holidays gone by. 

Egg Race
Make a relay race out of eggs!  First dye the eggs with red and blue, leaving some white for the whole color look. Get out two spoons, one for each team. Divide the kids into two teams and have them take turn balancing the eggs on the spoons as the cross the grass trying not to drop the eggs.  Little ones love this game.  

Relay Race
Skip the eggs and have an entirely different relay race. Use batons, flags, or even balloons. Anything can be used in a relay race. 

Chalk Art
Have Some Family Style Fun This Fourth of July with These Great Ideas!
Get out the sidewalk chalk and invite the kids to create a mural using red, white and blue chalk.  If they're hurting for ideas, suggest a flag, fireworks, US monuments etc... Everyone will have so much fun with this.  Just get creative and let the teamwork and imagination flow!

Water Play
For the older kids, water balloons bring so much fun and relief from the summer heat. Make a game out of it - Keep it like the egg relay race and divide the big kids into teams, passing the balloons to the next player, being careful not to let the balloon drop to the ground!  To make it an extra challenge, poke a small hole in the balloon and have a race against the clock to not run out of water in the balloon by the end.

The Classics
Other classics summer games like ring toss, horse shoes, potato sack race and three legged race. 

Odds and Ends
Provide the kids materials to create rockets such as cardboard tubes, foil, glue, paper, markers, ribbon and scissors. (child friendly scissors for the younger hands!)

Remember to include the food! Colored candy corn, watermelon and red, white and blue m&m's make for festive snacks! And if you're really wanting get into the spirit, be sure to add some sweeter, custom baked treats from us at Ontario Bakery and we'll get the best deserts to you for your day! 

Happy 4th of July!

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