Wednesday, August 5, 2015

6 Sweet Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary With

6 Sweet Ideas to Celebrate Your Anniversary WithAnniversaries are a fun time to celebrate. But as the years pass by, schedules get packed, you have kids to consider and life is just more complicated, it can be hard to come up with a way to celebrate. However, at Ontario Bakery, we’ve been the bakers of sweetness at so many weddings and have followed love through the years and we have ideas we want to share!
Here are 6 sweet ways to celebrate your anniversary:
Focus on the Two of You, Not on Gifts
Make it special. Gifts are great, but they aren’t the only way to show your love. Think outside the box and consider ways to give gifts of service. Commit to making dinner for a week and following up with a foot rub at bedtime. Do something for them that will make them give a sigh of relief and know they are valued. Another idea is to simply spend an evening sitting on the floor and talking. No phones, no media, just the two of you. You’d be surprised at the bonding that will happen and it may become a ritual!

Take a Mini Trip
It’s not easy to go on vacation all the time, so how about a long weekend? If your the outdoor type, go camping. If you’re a luxury type, find a beautiful hotel and order room service. Maybe you’d like to meet somewhere in the middle. You could go somewhere 2 hours away, stay at a bed and breakfast or a wellness resort and spend some time without media and more talking and laughing.

Go Back to the Beginning.
Regardless of whether it’s there or not, revisit the place where you first met. Walk down the street. Go inside. Sit outside and look. Imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t crossed paths and look at all the good that’s happened because you did. Eat the same food. Listen to the same song. Maybe wear the same clothes? Make it fun.

Make Lists of the Things You Love about Each Other
This one takes some advance planning, but list one thing you love about your partner for each year you’ve been together, then exchange the lists on your anniversary. By the time you get done reading the list your partner made about you, you should be in a very romantic mood indeed.

Cake and Wine
Who does that? You do. You can enjoy and indulge in a rich red velvet cake and a bottle of red wine. Why not? Enjoy it in front of a fire or at the beach at sunset. Just allow your senses to overcome you and get lost in the moment. Share a kiss and let it take you away.

No matter what you decide to do, the key is to spend some time together remembering your years together and looking forward to the years you have left.

Ontario Bakery is in love with love. That’s why we are so many people’s first call for wedding, valentine’s, engagement and anniversary cakes custom made for each couple. Call us today and reserve yours!

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