Monday, August 3, 2015

Keep Wedding Planning Easy with These Fall Wedding Tips!

Keep Wedding Planning Easy with These Fall Wedding Tips!Fall weddings are wonderful to be part of. The days and nights are cool but not too crisp. The colors of changing leaves are all around and winter is just around the corner! At Ontario Bakery, we love preparing for fall weddings. And we want to tell you, we’ve had a lot of experience with them. We would be honored to share with you a few little tips we’ve learned, to ensure you have the best experience ever!

Your fall wedding deserves to be a memorable one. These tips will keep your smile wide and your day unforgettable.

Start with location.
Any standard reception hall will suffice but you may want to look into older inns, churches and garden-like locations as they are the perfect setting for every fall wedding. Apple orchards, vineyards and other floral landscapes are also suitable. Their warm colors and rustic feel will add charm and allure to your ambiance!

Colors and Decor
Fall colors are rich and warm, easily accented by the opposing bright colors most often found in common wedding ensembles. Jewel tones, off white and golds all accented by rich burgundy, orange, deep greens and slate blues are all beautiful at this time of the year. For decor, fill carved pumpkins with tealights or fill glass bowls with fresh cranberries and acorns. A mason jar filled with similar will create the same effect.

This time of year can be tricky. We advise that you dress for comfort. If the wedding gown is strapless, opt for a shawl or sweater in the accent color of your wedding party. Have space heaters on hand for possibly outdoor chill. Keep fabrics light with the option to layer. If indoors, you may overdress and be stuck in unnecessary heat.

Look around and notice which flowers are most in bloom. In general, rich roses, fall leaves, berries and twigs are wonderful choices for fall wedding floral arrangements. You can even collect small sticks and spray paint them in white or gold, to better accent your chosen colors but keep the feel of nature in your wedding.

The Cake

Any wedding cake is fitting for a fall wedding, but you can add to your autumn theme by using more autumn inspired flavors like, spiced, pumpkin, apple, or chocolate. Traditional cake flavors topped with fall fruit would also be a delicious idea. As an addition or alternative, you could create an interactive dessert station, serving a mix of different pies instead of a traditional cake.

At Ontario Bakery, we are dedicated to making your special day as unique as your love. Let us know how we can further help to customize your day!

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