Sunday, November 15, 2015

5 Tips on How to Throw a Smooth and Simple Kid’s Birthday Party

5 Tips on How to Throw a Smooth and Simple Kid’s Birthday PartyAs your child’s birthday rolls around the bend, you’re mind quickly becomes overwhelmed with the party planning details. And if that party falls anywhere near another holiday, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, you are really going to need a plan to keep the stress and cost down.

But don’t make your kid take the hit. They are looking forward to their big day and it’s not their fault that it comes at a hard time. So if you are looking to throw a smooth and simple kid’s birthday party this year, then we at Ontario Bakery are excited to share some of our favorite tips with you.

Keep it Simple.
This is a kid’s birthday party; not a wedding. The most everyone is expecting is some good ideas for fun and a delicious treat at the end. A party with simple elements means you will have less to coordinate and worry about, giving you more time and peace of mind to enjoy celebrating the birthday kid of honor.

Keep it Small.
Not everyone has to come. A good way to gauge this for kids is to have them invite a list of kids equal to their age. A ten year old then, could invite 10 of her closest pals, for example, though this guideline might not be so realistic for the younger children. Remember that most kids will have one or two adults with them, making your guest list bigger. So keeping a party small makes it easier to manage and gives you enough time to mingle with your guests to make sure guests are enjoying themselves.

Keep it Fun.
You don’t have to facilitate the gaming olympics but keeping games around are  real boredom saver. Small activities for young ones could be coloring, or painting on parchment or bubbles. For older ones you could have jenga, ring toss or cards. As other parents ahead of time to monitor different activities to keep the safety and fun in flow.
Ask the Kids.
Kids know what they want and often times it’s not too complicated. YOu can avoid a lot of unnecessary work if you just ask their advice in the beginning.  

Keep the Gifting Short.
Most people’s kids have a hard time sitting through an extended gift giving time. One option is to treat it like a wedding. Have the presents stacked on a table and allow the child to open them at home. This allows the fun to be the focus and an added bonus is that the child is able to take time to draw or write out thank you cards to his kind friends.

At Ontario Bakery, we know kids, parties and celebrations better than anyone. We’ve baked more custom baked goods than we can remember and we’ve got plenty of parties left in our kitchen. So as you plan, let us help you keep it smooth and simple with our custom baked, delicious birthday cakes.

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