Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Keep Kids Busy During Cold Wet Winters

How to Keep Kids Busy During Cold Wet WintersA Winter wonderland might be fun to look at and even play in but the truth is, that those dark gray days can really wear on a child’s energy levels and need to be busy! It’s important that they have fun busy things to do so they stay happy, sleep rested and you don’t lose your mind either!
At Ontario Bakery, we know that family comes first. That’s why we want to share some simple fun activities with you for little hands and busy minds!
  1. Build an obstacle course - all kids love to climb and hide. Get out the pent up energy using blankets, pillow and other fun props!
  2. Window Painting - Using water colors, have fun with paint on windows! Let the sun shine through and enjoy your creation. Don’t worry, it all washes off!
  3. Create a Puppet Show - Write a story together. and then create little paper cut outs to perform your own puppet show!
  4. Make a Family Tree - Talk about your family and all the generations. Make a cutout of a tree and place your family’s faces on the different branches to show your lineage to your child!
  5. Play with Clay - Recreate your family and decorate a Christmas scene. Have your child make your pets and all their favorite toys even!
Winter doesn’t have to be boring. Even though you’re stuck inside there’s plenty of fun to be had. And why not top it all off with some winter sweets? Fresh baked cookies or even a cake? Call the bakers at your local family bakery. Call Ontario Bakery. A family for all families.

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