Monday, November 9, 2015

Simple Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful and More Delicious!

Simple Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful and More Delicious!Looking for a way to make Thanksgiving more meaningful and more delicious? We don't blame you! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather your friends and family around in gratitude as you enjoy your feast. There’s the Turkey to plan for, the yams to prepare and all the side dishes to go with it.

What we at Ontario Bakery don’t want for you is to be so caught up in the hustle of cooking, that you forget to enjoy the day! So in the middle of the planning, we want to share a few ways with you that will help you not only add more ease but more meaning to your Thanksgiving Holiday.

Simple Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Meaningful and More Delicious!Gratitude: This one comes 
as an obvious one but let’s go deeper with it. Instead of being thankful, really be in gratitude. Whatever your family tradition is, whether you share, or pray before your meal, we have one to add to it. Before or after your meal, take a deep breath. Silently look around at everyone. Make eye contact. Then allow everyone to take a turn sharing their gratitude for both the person on their left and one other person at the table or in the room. We as a society are great at sharing that we are thankful for food, shelter, clothing and such - but we fall short in sincerely sharing our gratitude for other people. When people feel they are appreciated, they do more of whatever has been noticed and appreciated. Appreciation creates a desire in our hearts to do and love well.

Goals: This one comes in two parts. First, share some of your goals for the last year. What were they? Did you meet them? What stopped you and what kept you going?
(That’s part one)
For part two, share your goals for the next year. Are they the same ones? Are they built on this last year’s goals? What will you do the same or differently to help you get there?
How have these goals made you more thankful in life?
These questions are great conversation boosters and will help you to get deeper and closer to your friends and family members.
As for easier? Ontario Bakery is a family owned business that thrives on custom orders. We know you love your pumpkin pie, but who can resist a custom baked cake; perhaps with vanilla and cinnamon, to finish off your holiday meal? Not many can, and that’s why Ontario Bakery is here. We want to be available for your holiday to deliver the sweet grand finale!

No matter how you’re spending your Thanksgiving, small or big, Ontario Bakery is ready to help. Call us today and place your order! (And ask the questions that matter as you gather together this year!)

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