Friday, January 22, 2016

Good Health: An Even Better Reason to Give Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Good Health: An Even Better Reason to Give Chocolate for Valentine’s Day
We all associate chocolate with romance. We give candies and sweet morsels for those we love and who’ve stolen our hearts. But why? Well, chocolate makes us happy and feel good! You might think this is an old wive’s tale but even science is supporting it!
Scientists at Cambridge University have carried out brain scans that shows us that not only does chocolate release dopamine, (the happy hormone), but they also point out that chocolate also causes the human body to react just as strongly in a positive sense, as if it were in full swing love or infatuation! Isn’t that interesting? We at Ontario Bakery  don't need more reasons to love chocolate, but this sure gets us smiling!
What else is so good about chocolate? Well here are a few fun and healthy facts about chocolate from lifehack, that we thought we’d pass along!
In one small bar of 70-85% dark chocolate, you get:
  • nearly 6 grams of fiber for digestive health
  • a third of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) for iron to promote cardiovascular fitness
  • over a quarter of your RDA for magnesium for skeletal health
  • nearly 50% of your RDA for copper and manganese, important for antioxidant functions
  • antioxidant levels increase, leading to lower blood pressure
  • A variety of studies have shown that both dark chocolate and cocoa powder reduced LDL and oxidized LDL levels and increased HDL levels.
  • dark chocolate boosts your energy
It’s important to note, that a serving of dark chocolate still contains 300 calories, so it is best to consume dark chocolate in moderation. But don’t worry! You can still get these healthy effects from smaller servings; just try to make sure you are eating dark chocolate that 70-90% cocoa.

Scientific proof or not, we know we love chocolate and so do you, right?  That's why Ontario Bakery strives to provide the most delicious and succulent desserts possible. Valentine's Day is just around the corner too! Be sure to call us and place your order soon!

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