Sunday, January 24, 2016

Special Tips on How to Pamper a Pregnant Woman on Valentine’s Day!

Special Tips on How to Pamper a Pregnant Woman on Valentine’s Day! Pregnancy is something to be celebrated for sure, but it does take it’s toll on the woman’s body! She is expanded beyond comfort, with her energy levels zapped and her hormones on an eternal roller coaster. She may or may not feel the warm and fuzzy feelings about Valentine’s Day, so it’s best to shower her with some simple loving gestures.
Spa Pedicure:
All those body changes do a number on the feet and deserve some relief. Spa pedicures go above and beyond, providing the mother to be with some extra care and love for her very tired feet. Make sure they’re good at the massage; it’s the best part!
Body Pillow:
Don’t scoff. The body pillow is one of the best gifts you can give her, as they can be positioned in any way needed for her comfort, whether sleeping, sitting or even laboring!
Hire a good photographer to take some gorgeous photos of her during the most miraculous time of her life. She may not feel very comfortable in her own skin right now, so a good photographer there to capture her beauty will be such a blessing to her.
Right now, everything hurts. So give her either a one day massage or a package where she can be seen weekly. She will forever be grateful. After all, everything in her body is moving and it’s hard for her muscles and bones to keep up! Massage is just the ticket.
Every woman has her cravings, so find out her favorite flavors and call in a custom cookie or cake order and give her exactly what she’s wishing for. We at Ontario Bakery are used to these calls and are here to meet the need!
There’s no need to run out of ideas. A pregnant woman will love and enjoy all of the listed ideas from the bottom of her heart. And have tissues nearby; she might just be overwhelmed at the love you have for her… which is the goal right?
From our hearts to yours, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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