Monday, January 25, 2016

Sweet and Easy Ways to Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day!

Sweet and Easy Ways to Say “I Love You” on Valentine’s Day!Valentine’s Day is coming up, but why wait? Why not celebrate early in simple and sweet ways along the way? 

At Ontario Bakery, we’ve done more wedding and engagement cakes than we can count, so we’ve seen a lot of love come through our doors. One thing that we’ve learned is that a little love every day makes the bigger celebrations even more sweet. 

So make it even more special, with these sweet and easy ways to show your love each day along the way to Valentine’s Day!

Hidden Post-It’s:  This is such a sweet one. Sit down a write a list of all the little things you love about your partner and the things you’d love to say to them to put a smile on their face! Then, each day, write one of those things down on a post-it note and sneak them into the places your love will see them. Some examples are on the bathroom mirror, on the computer screen, the steering wheel or inside the fridge!
Morning Coffee: Most people love the comfort of a warm beverage in the morning, be it coffee or tea, so why not be a step ahead of the game? Have the water hot and ready, so that by the time your partner gets out of bed, there is a tray waiting there with all the needs: the coffee or tea bags, the cup, spoon, cream and sweetener. Add their favorite morning read if they have one!
Night Massage:  Busy people get tired feet. Offer to rub his or her feet before bed for extra relaxation and a better night sleep! For more fun, trade off! Each night you both take a turn rubbing each other’s feet or alternate nights! You’ll both enjoy it for sure!
Sweets: Sweets always have a way of saying ‘I love you’ don’t they? What if you were to custom order a batch of cookies where each cookie has your anniversary written on them, or your names, your pet names etc? Think of the cookies like candy heart messages, but personalized and far more beautiful.
Attention:  This may seem small, but it’s the biggest of all. Practice giving your undivided attention. In our busy world of smartphones and technology, it’s easy to become distracted. In turn, we end up missing important points that mean a lot for our partners when we notice them. So stop what you’re doing if your love needs to chat with you. (big or small) If you’re too busy, pause, look them in the eye and tell them that what they need to say is important to you, but you can’t give them the attention they deserve right now. Then set a time when you can come back to the conversation and stick to it. Doing this, helps a person know they matter. 
Try these ideas out. Boost up the romance and care in your relationship long before Valentine’s Day to really make it special. From our hearts to yours, have a love filled day!

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