Saturday, January 30, 2016

Easy Tips to Ordering the Perfect Wedding Cake Without the Stress!

Easy Tips to Ordering the Perfect Wedding Cake Without the Stress!Planning a wedding needs to be as simple as possible. You need the dress to be right,  the venue available and the cake to be easy. The best way to avoid planning stress is to know what questions to ask and who to ask in the planning of your beautiful details.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in the planning of their wedding is choosing the right baker and bakery for their cake. They don’t put it on the priority list and then forget how much of the main attraction the cake is on the big day; both during the celebration and later in the photos!

Don’t put your cake planning on the back burner. Make sure you find a trusted and reputable baker for your wedding cake and then ask them the right questions to make sure you end up with just the right cake for your big day!

Samples. As for samples of cakes and icings. You need to decide on the cake flavor, icing in between layers, and outer icing and you want to make sure it’s the right sweetness and blend.
Inspiration. Bring photos from magazines or pinterest that inspire you and have style aspects you want to see show up in the designing of your cake.
Toppers. Know what topper you’d like to use ahead of the time, as the topper is the final style touch and should both go with and inspire the cake’s overall look.  
Timing. Find out how far in advance your bakery plans to bake the cake and when they will frost it. You want a fresh cake but also not a last minute cake.
Pick up. Don’t pick it up. Have it delivered. This not only alleviates one more stressor but also puts the responsibility of transport to the trained and experienced.

When selecting a bakery for your upcoming event you want the very best. For those of you in the Southern California area, please visit us at Ontario Bakery in California and contact us with any questions you might have for the planning of your big day!

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