Thursday, February 4, 2016

30 is the New 20. 5 Tips to Help Her Have a Great Birthday.

30 is the New 20. 5 Tips to Help Her Have a Great Birthday.She’s getting older, but make sure she knows that’s a good thing. Word on the street is that 30 is the new 20, which means she’s just as full of life but with more wisdom and class. So why not throw her a party to reflect that? At Ontario Bakery, we know birthdays better than anyone, so here are our tips to helping her have a great birthday!
Classy Dinner. Go for a more dignified flare. Instead of going out for the usual, bump the class up a notch. Find a high end Italian eatery or a quality sushi restaurant and finish it off with fine wine or aged sake. You can dress up and spend hours talking and then indulge in desserts.
For the Girls. Ok, we know men are wonderful, but this is a birthday that is quite enjoyed with just the girlfriends! If you really want to have the boys along, consider splitting the night in two; half with them and half without!
Music and Dancing. What lady’s birthday is complete without music? Take your pick, but we recommend finding a local jazz night or blues, accompanied by fine fare and maybe even dancing. If you want more movement, consider grabbing the girls and taking a salsa class together!

In House Goal Setting. Gather the ladies and encourage everyone to look at their goals; their lives where they stand here and now and assess them. Everyone make a list of 10 things you want to do in the next year and then 10 major things you want to accomplish in the next TEN years. From simple things like calling an old friend or getting in shape, to travel or even a big career change!  These should all be things that you've either forgotten to take the time to do or just never found the time or the courage to take that big leap. Be sure to have the house (wherever it’s hosted) fully stocked with snacks and drinks or even dinner and desserts!

Indulge. Every woman loves to relax, so why not make an event out of it and book a spa day? You can go to a local place in town and finish it with some fresh and healthy food (or not!) or book an overnight stay at a spa just outside of town!

I hope you enjoyed our sweet ideas for a 30th birthday party.  As always, we are happy to add to your experience as we love to make your custom birthday sweets!  Call us at Ontario Bakery and let us know how we can make your celebration a delicious event!

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