Thursday, February 18, 2016

Plan the Best Spring Birthday Party With These Colorful Ideas!

Plan the Best Spring Birthday Party With These Colorful Ideas!Spring birthdays are wonderful, because not only do you get to move past the chill of winter, but you get to celebrate a birthday with the return of the flowers and sunshine. So why not have your next party carry that colorful theme as well? At Ontario Bakery, we get a lot of calls for celebrations of every kind and Springtime birthdays are one of our favorites!
Here are some tips to help you plan the best Spring birthday party ever!
Colorful Decor
Skip the gloom of clouds and rain and go straight for flowers. Whether you’re partying indoors our outside, create a space that lets your guests think they’ve landed in a garden wonderland!
Secret Garden
Take it further and really go with a Secret Garden theme! You can set up a long table with a soft olive green table cloth and decorate it with daffodils and lilacs. Then treat your guests to tea and cakes and a few classic garden games! For young children, do a variation of an easter egg or treasure hunt for added fun!
Artistic Flare
Fun for all ages, make this year’s party art themed! Grab a few clipboards,  and some table or full sized easels, making sure every guest has a station. Provide water colors, palettes, clean water jars and brushes and watch everyone’s talent bloom!
Sweet Treats
Everything is in bloom from flowers to fruit, so why not make the most of it and get creative, working seasonal produce into your snacks and treats? Have fresh fruit or veggie salads, jello bowls and perhaps a peach cobbler to top things off?

No matter how you do it, your Spring bash is sure to be a success. And if you decide you’d like to have a little more fun, let us bake you a custom made cake with just the right colors, flavors and pizazz for your celebration!

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