Monday, March 28, 2016

You're Almost Done Planning Your Wedding. Are You Forgetting Something?

You're Almost Done Planning Your Wedding. Are You Forgetting Something?
It’s wedding season. The bride looks great. You’ve reserved the best location. Your custom cake is something to swoon over. Is there anything else you’re forgetting? Yes. Like most people, you’re probably forgetting the men in the wedding party. The groom and his merry men are not just accents to the show. They are hard working and fun loving guys that deserved to be loved on and appreciated too!

So we decided to share a list of ideas with you, for things to get for the groom and his groomsmen. And groom, if you’re doing the shopping for your men yourself, double points! Enjoy the tips!

You're Almost Done Planning Your Wedding. Are You Forgetting Something?For the Groom:
Think ‘evening’: Try a velvet smoking jacket or a hand-carved pipe. Go for something luxurious but still humble. These make great groomsmen gifts as well, but be careful! If you buy something too outrageous, your groomsmen may never use it, or may feel awkward receiving it.  
Make sure it's got nothing to do with the bride. Nothing with the bride's face or signature. Remember, this is the end of being a bachelor.  That's not a bad thing at all, but the gift should signify the keeping of his identity and manhood; despite traditional jokes of ball and chain imagery.  
Monograms. A well-placed set of initials can spice up even the most ordinary wallet, cigar case, or cuff link.
Buy the manly things -- it's simple. Think of a man's wish list and then dive in fully! A silver or leather flask is one of the all-time greatest groomsman gifts: classic, yet occasionally practical, with an unabashed male-bonding quality that's hard to beat for it's price.
Remember that your gift needn't be something you can hold. If you've got a groomsman whose idea of fun involves training for that next triathlon, perhaps a mini membership to a gym or a few hours with a personal trainer would suit him. And, of course, a ticket to a sporting event is usually a hit.
Avoid gifts that are too flamboyant, ridiculously cheap, or ....alive -- but this doesn't mean you have to choose something boring. If you're absolutely positive your college roommate really wants a "My Buddy Got Married and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt" rag, by all means buy it. ... but it's not likely.

Remember, you don't have to break the bank to show your gratitude. If your best man has been with you since your frat house days, then a dinner for two at an old hangout followed by a single malt scotch is an excellent gesture before the wedding day. Once again, the more personalized the effort, the more meaningful the message.

We hope your day is beautiful and memorable; from rings to cake. And that's where we come in! Contact Ontario Bakery for all your custom wedding cake needs in the Southern California area!

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