Monday, May 30, 2016

Get to Know Health Benefits of Chocolate and Why You Might Want More of It!

Get to Know Health Benefits of Chocolate and Why You Might Want More of It!We know you don’t need more reasons to eat chocolate, but there’s nothing more fun for us than taking a normally guilty pleasure and adding some health value to it! That’s great, right?

The truth is, the right kind of chocolate really does keep you healthy and youthful but there’s more you need to know about it for it to actually be of service to you.

Did you know that chocolate is loaded with a high amount of antioxidant rich nutrients necessary for healthy skin and hair and reduced stress levels? It’s true! But these power nutrients are never found in cheap candy bars and or everyday mocha latte. The magic power ingredient in chocolate is found in the cacao content of the chocolate. You may have noticed this on certain bars of chocolate showing up as a percentage on the wrapper, such as 60%, 70% or 80% even. The higher the percentage, the higher the benefit.
Now that you know where to find it, here’s what it can do for you!
Skin Protection: The cacao bean also contains various essential nutrients which help you to stay healthny and beautiful. With great sun protection properties, it has the power to shield your skin from harmful UV rays, preventing sensitive conditions like sunburns and skin cancer. Regular dark chocolate consumption also helps you achieve that sought after smooth, problem free glow, as it keeps your skin moist and well nourished.

Hair: Cacao is a great aid in promoting blood circulation in the scalp which leads to increased growth of healthy, lustrous locks, reducing hair loss. In addition to that, it's anti-inflammatory nature helps minimize the odds of getting scalp infections.  Infused with the goodness of several hair-benefiting ingredients, dark chocolate improves the overall health of your tresses, making them shiny, sleek and voluminous.

Skin Exfoliation: Not just for eating, this magical bean can be used in combination with coffee beans for efficient exfoliating! It detoxifies and sloughs off the dead skin cells and allows the newly exposed, fresh skin to breathe freely.

Here’s the important catch though. You’re going to have to exercise self control!
Cacao is great for you but sugar and dehydration are not, which is what can happen when you ingest too much. So, if you want to make sure you’re getting the health benefits of chocolate, you need to help your body be in a healthy state to receive it.

Healthy tip?

Drink plenty of water. If you go for 2 liters a day, you should be good. Stay away from additional dehydrating foods like breads, crackers and coffee.

Of course, live your life! We are a bakery and understand that there are many occasions in life that call for sweets and sugary delights. Just find balance. And then the benefits will come through for you!

At Ontario Bakery we are always ready to make your life a little sweeter. Call us for your custom baked cake and other desserts today!

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