Thursday, June 16, 2016

Great Ideas for the Perfect Tween Girl Birthday Party

Great Ideas for the Perfect Tween Girl Birthday Party
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Preteen girls are right at that age where they want to do things that are more grown up, but still have a childlike flare for having fun. It’s absolutely possible to give them the best of both worlds with these simple and usable ideas! Make this birthday a memory they’ll be proud to remember.

Jewelry Party

This party theme is a huge hit with the pre teen crowd. You can easily find all beads, craft jewelry, old unique jewelry for the pieces, costume jewelry pieces, and craft sets at thrift shops, crafting stores and garage sales. The girls can make necklaces, bracelets, and rings for themselves and for the birthday girl. You can encourage them to design unique friendship bracelets, as they’ll always have them as a keepsake. Plus, they take hours to make so your girls can watch movies while they make their unique designs.

A Night of Beauty
How about throwing a makeup and spa party? Ask some older friends to help, fix up a room like a beauty salon.  You could put face masks on them, paint their nails and toe nails and even have stylish drinks with lemonade and grenadine with little umbrellas inside. If you want to go further with this one, book a makeup artist to do their make up and then bring them all to the movie and dinner later to show off their fabulous state.
Keep going with that and opt for a spa day!  Include essential oils and add facials to the above and you've got the whole thing ready for a memorable night of fun!

Sing Along
It’s so easy to throw a karaoke party.  You can rent out a machine at home or go out for the real experience!  Some places have age restrictions, but you usually have the option of renting out a little room out. If you’d like to keep it more simple, just put on some music videos and divide the party into two teams. Play a song at random and see how many words of the song each player on each team knows! (Someone else can be reading lyrics on a phone to check accuracy.)  Throw in some fun food like chinese noodles or sushi, and you’ll have the perfect party!

The Great Outdoors
The more outdoors type would love an organized an adventure day.  Here, you can go on a hike, build a raft or go canoeing.  If you have access to a lake or a little island, this is a great idea for everyone involved.  If you'd like a daytime, relaxed activity, you could start things off with lunch out somewhere nice and then maybe they could get their nails done. If that feels out of budget for you, rope in a friend and do it at your home. Get a couple movies (or music) and some delicious treats and give the living room to them for a few hours. 

At Ontario Bakery, we know birthdays and it's one of the celebrations we do best. We'd love to make this day even more incredible, so please, visit our California location or give us a call!

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