Monday, June 20, 2016

School’s Out. Keep Kids Happy & Busy With These FUN Activities!

School’s Out. Keep Kids Happy & Busy With These FUN Activities!
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It’s so exciting when school is finally out for the summer! We dream of swimming and camping and fun all the time! But the reality is, adults can’t always make those things happen and kids still need to have fun and keep busy. So rather than lose your mind, try planning for these activities so you have happy creative kids even when you can’t go for a big adventure.  
Here are some ideas we have for your young ones happy and busy this summer:
Have a bubble box. Most dollar stores have large bottles of the bubbles available or you can even make your own. There are some cool resources online that show you how to create shapes out of bubbles using just string! Kids have a blast with this one. It’s great option for the backyard or park, so they can rinse off easily.  Just keep everything in a large tupperware for easy storage, accessibility and mess control!
Plan weekly picnics. Depending on the ages and interests of your children, you can give the picnic a theme (tea party, teddy bear or lego picnic) or keep it simple and add some little treats like fresh baked cake pops or cookies! Kids love it! Bring along things like ring toss, butterfly nets or bubbles for them, and a book or your own work to do alongside them.
Plan a summer reading game. Go to your local library once every week or two and get as many books as you can, in the areas your child is interested in. If your child is interested in a book beyond their level, don’t be afraid to encourage the challenge. Make a poster with a path and milestones on it. Every chapter or page they finish gets them a little treat or prize! The bigger milestones can be rewarded with an ice cream date or day at the pool. Remember that each child learns differently and if they feel discouraged, get into the book with them. Tell them words. Keep it fun! For younger children, enjoy reading times at the library, where they can usually have fun being read to as a group. (Or lead your own!)
Make a summer treasure box. Teach your children to capture memories with this simple and fun idea. Get an old shoe box. Have them decorate it their way. Then keep it available for holding little pieces of memorabilia, photos and treasure findings they gather throughout the summer. Next summer, you can revisit the box and remember your good times!
Animal love. Do you have any neighbors with animals that are good with children? (and are your children good with animals?) Have a day each week where you visit the animals and give them some love. Spend some time researching and asking what the pet enjoys for treats and toys and perhaps spend some time making them for the animals. 
We know that summer is fun, but not easy. We’re here to not only give you a break, but enhance your child’s summer while bringing you together.  At Ontario Bakery, our goal is just that. We are proud to provide the custom baked goods you need for every special day that comes up, from tedding bear picnics to birthdays and big weddings. Call us to place your custom order today!

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