Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Simple Tips to Keeping Cool at a Hot Summer Wedding!

Simple Tips to Keeping Cool at a Hot Summer Wedding!  Summer weddings are the hottest plan on people’s lists at this time of the year. Unfortunately, the biggest drawback is the fact that it’s the hottest time of the year. But don’t throw out the beauty of such a delightful celebration. Just listen to these easy tips and have all the fun you want. We at Ontario Bakery know weddings (and hot weddings) like the back of our hands. So from us to you: 
Here are some simple tips to keeping cool at a hot summer wedding!  
Make Your Own Shade: The sun will be blazing and no bride or guests wants to be dripping with sweat or melting their pretty selves aways. So you’ve got to have a backup plan for strong sun and even possible rain. Make sure you have tents and fabric overhangs that will provide both sun and water and heavy wind protection. Your guests will be so thankful and you'll be very glad you did!
Refreshing Snacks: Alcohol tends to be a beverage of choice at most weddings, but for the summer wedding, we hope you will reconsider. You want to make sure that your guests stay hydrated. Alcohol is very dehydrating, so the effect is even greater than normal. You definitely don't want a guest needing medical attention after just trying to have a good time! An easy way to keep things cool is to have refreshments on hand like water, tea and lemonade. You can get creative with refreshment displays by assembling specialty jars and jugs in a set space. For ceremonies out in the sun, your guests need to have water readily available.  You can even customize your drink station further, by creating personalized labels on water bottles. In the intense heat, refreshments will keep you and your guest cool until the sun goes down.
Handheld Fans: Personalized fans are one of the best little gifts you can provide your guests. They serve a much needed purpose and can even be an added piece of decor. They provide a nice breeze for those ceremonies outdoors or dinners under the elements. One of the nice aspects to a personalized fan is that you can customize it for your wedding day. You can print your names and wedding date on the fan. It can then serve as a good memento for guests to take home and remember your wedding. You can hand out personalized fans as guests arrive or have them at their place settings and chairs depending on where you think your guests will need them.
Don’t let the heat ruin your big day. Learn your tips from the ones who know best.  We are a custom bakery based in Ontario California, so we know heat, and have also learned the best ways to survive it. We hope you've enjoyed these tips and will contact us for any wedding cake or other custom baked needs!

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