Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Your Engagement Party: Planning It So It Happens the Way You Want It

Your Engagement Party: Planning It So It Happens the Way You Want ItYour engagement party should feel like the celebration it’s meant to be. So don’t make the planning mistakes so many make that add stress and complications to what should be easy and beautiful.  Let us, at Ontario Bakery, help you have a fun and memorable, stress free engagement party!
First, don’t over-do it.
Keep it simple. You don’t need to book a major venue. If you want to go out, go to a restaurant where you can book a back room or private area. Even simpler, have it at a friend’s home and simply have it catered so you can have the best of both worlds.
Have a photographer or simply a photo booth.

Capture all the fun of the party for everyone. Capture the kisses and the general romance in the air. Then have someone create an album to be gifted at the wedding! For even more fun, take photos throughout the wedding planning process and present an album documenting the whole thing! And having the booth let’s people take home the fun!

Share and tell.

Have your guests share their favorite romantic experiences, how they met their partner or about the proposal. Everyone will have a fun time swapping mushy and funny stories around.

Have delicious food!

It’s so important to celebrate with fine food, drink and delights as they mirror the occasion! If you’re not having it catered, ask everyone to bring an ethnic side dish or choose the couple’s favorite ingredients and ask everyone to get creative with them! It’s a lot better than too much salad or chips and salsa!

Ontario bakery want you to have the best celebration possible without the stress. We’d be honored to provide you with a custom cake or other sweets of your choosing, to finish the night well! And remember to come to us first for your custom wedding cake needs when the time comes!

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