Thursday, October 13, 2016

Have the Best 40th Birthday Party Ever with These Fun Ideas

Have the Best 40th Birthday Party Ever with These Fun IdeasReaching that point in your life where you cross that mile marker from the fun and young thirties into the so called “mature” time of the forties, can be really depressing and downright scary. So how do you celebrate what you’re afraid of?
First of all, it’s vital to remember that you are not your age. How many seventy-five year old women out there have the energy of someone thirty years younger than them? They put the rest of us to shame? And you might want to bring it back to the fear of your face or body aging or changing. I understand. This is a big one in our society. You may not be convinced after a short blog post, to see things differently, but I do ask you to let yourself think about it. What defines you? Societal expectations of beauty? Or the depth of your heart, mind, your character, dreams and aspirations? As your life progresses, you have the opportunity to see it as a journey of learning, experience and loving; not just how long you can last with your visible youth. With age comes wisdom and deeper love. Don’t throw the honor of that away with your desire to stay young forever. There is freedom in allowing yourself to age. Sure, care for your skin and retain your youth. But don’t fight the process of life along the way, because that will leave you forever unhappy and discontent.

That being said, it’s time to celebrate this special transition with your friends and family in a special and very fun way. Here’s how:

Have a theme.

Go with a decade you love, filled with your favorite movies and music. Dress for the era and get your friends to go along with it. Or choose a theme that feels more you - perhaps, black tie or tea party. Do what feels good but go with it and take plenty of pictures!

Laugh about old times.

Tell stories about your first kiss, crush or even your first big trip! If you're really feeling daring, talk about that first time you got in trouble and really learned from in. Talk about dating in your twenties, the college years, your families and the phases in life you’re so happy are over!

Bucket list.

You are never too old to dream. In fact, now is the time to to do it. Make a list of 25 things you want to do in the next year. From simple things like calling an old friend to major goals and wishes!  This is your special list on your special birthday. These are all things that you've either forgotten to take the time to do or just never found the time or the courage to take that big leap. Your list should be conquered in a year; making way for newer and better wishes.

Commit to something new.

Knowledge is gained through indulging in something new. Find out that one thing that you have been pining to learn for a long time. Enroll in a class or finally take the test to get certified in your passion.  Many people have long since been dying to learn dancing. But, for some reason they could not indulge into dancing ever. This is your big year. There’s no better time than your 25th birthday to get started with your new range of hobbies.


Who doesn't enjoy a nice, relaxing bath or a long massage? Days can be long and work demanding; it's time to let it all go and relax with some time for you. Plan a day trip with the girls to a spa or hot spring resort. Think of it as a day to let the past be in the past and welcome the next new amazing adventure.
Embrace your next coming of age. And of course, we are happy to add to your experience as we love to make your custom birthday sweets!  Call us at Ontario Bakery and let us know how we can make your 40th birthday a delicious event!

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