Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Feeling in Your Home.

How to Create the Perfect Thanksgiving Feeling in Your Home.Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we want you to feel ready for it. You’ve got your food planned out (have you planned for dessert yet?), you know who’s coming and you’re totally ready. But what about the table and your home? Have you thought about the look of it all? Ambiance plays a big role in any holiday gathering and you want your guests to feel like they’ve literally stepped into a holiday. So here are some tips to get you there.
Clean beforehand.
Don’t rush to get the house clean on the day of. Get the job done the day before or hire someone to do it for you. But be sure the house is clean and ready before the cooking starts, so that you can focus on the kitchen. And be sure that whoever isn’t doing the cooking, is doing the cleaning, so that everyone participates but that nobody feels overworked.
Set the mood.
Mood music isn’t just for the lovers and movies, it’s for every occasion of life. It’s not quite Christmas yet, so steer away from that. But classical and jazz are perfect options, because they’re relaxing while also beautiful and inspiring. They awaken a feeling of togetherness when people hear them. So be sure to good mood music playing in the background while your guests arrive and even while you cook.

Add candle light.
Candles of various height can be a great centerpiece for Thanksgiving. You most likely already have them in your home scattered in various rooms. Gather them all and add plain white candles or festive fall colors such as oranges, reds and browns.  You can also line your mantel and
Shelves with candles and tea lights!

Autumn flair.

Decorate your home and table with the feeling of fall. If you’re more of a minimalist and you don’t want to clutter your table with too much decoration, make use of a solid and bold autumn colored table cloth and then add a contrasting color of cloth napkins to create an inviting accent. Run a gold ribbon along the middle with the dishes set on top of them. Stand back and smile. It will look beautiful!  

Bring sweetness in.

What holiday isn’t sweet? On a decor level, place cinnamon and cloves - either fresh or as candles, around your home and table, so that the spice and warm surround the senses. For foods, make sure that the deserts you choose follow suit with coffee cakes, pecans, and pumpkin pies. Of course, if you want this task of your shoulders or are looking for better ideas, reach out and talk to us, your family bakers at Ontario Bakery. 

We love to celebrate with you, so reach out and let may your holiday be beautiful and delicious.

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