Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sweet Natural Tips for Ageless Beauty With Very Little Effort!

Sweet Natural Tips for Ageless Beauty With Very Little Effort!There are so many anti-aging tips out there, that you feel like you’ve read them all, right? Well these tips are mostly new - and require less effort than you might realize. At Ontario Bakery, we love our home style baked goods, but we also like to feel and look good, so here are some tips we know you’ll love too!
Eat more chocolate.  
What? I know it seems crazy, but it’s true. Chocolate really does keep you gorgeous and youthful but there’s more you need to know for it to fully do it’s job. The truth is (that’s spreading fast) that Chocolate is loaded with a high amount of antioxidant rich nutrients necessary for healthy skin and hair and reduced stress levels. However, these power nutrients are not found in cheap candy bars and the everyday mocha latte. They are found in the cacao content of the chocolate. You can find this on the bar of chocolate with benefits kicking in at 60% and higher. Some people prefer dark and others prefer milk. But as far as the benefits go, it depends on your digestion and taste preference.

Drink water.

But really - drink a lot of water. If you go for 2 liters a day, you should be good. Stay away from additional dehydrating foods like breads, crackers and coffee. Dehydration will make youthful skin look older than it is, so if you’re already fighting time and gravity, you’ll want to make sure you’ve had enough water in your system.

Let it go.

Can you? Can you let go of the petty things that irritate you so much? Not saying you should let people walk all over you - but definitely choose your battles and practice not taking everything so personally. This will cause you to be more at peace. You’ll smile more and that alone makes you more youthful.

Sleep now.

You may have heard it said, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” but the truth is, that the less we sleep, the sooner death comes. Did you know you can literally die from lack of sleep? If your whole body can die, think of what can happen to your skin, your eyes and hair? Not good. Plus, the more sleep you get, the more clearly you can think and handle stress.

This green healing clay has been used for many centuries both internally and externally. On the outside, you can use it to exfoliate, cleanse and even as a mask to draw impurities out of your skin. Internally, it helps to detox you and clean out what might be stuck inside you. Read more about it and see how it might help you in your life.

In the end, it’s vital (literally) to live your life! Choose to be light and enjoy the goodness around you. It’s all about balance. Find that, and then the benefits will come through for you!

At Ontario Bakery we are always ready to make your life a little sweeter. Call us for your custom baked cake and other desserts today!

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