Friday, January 6, 2017

Simple Storage Tips To Help Your Saved Sweets Stay Fresher, Longer!

Simple Storage Tips To Help Your Saved Sweets Stay Fresher, Longer! We all love those baking marathons and celebrations with a dessert spread that goes the length of your home. There’s so much to choose from! But what do you do when you’ve had enough but don’t want to lose the good stuff? All you can do. You need to become a pro at saving the leftovers.  And that’s exactly what we want to teach you today. There are just a few things you need know to be the master of sweet saving.

For the unfrosted goods: These are the easiest, really, because you don't have to deal so much with the cake drying out or messing up the frosting. You're going to want to wrap these tightly in plastic wrap.  Make sure to wrap the top, sides, and bottoms well, so that the plastic is touching all sides of the cake. (Basically, don't simply drape the plastic over the top). Another option you could do, is to go for a plastic bag with a zipper type seal. Once your cake is wrapped, store them on a counter at room temperature, and they'll keep fresh for about a week before starting to stale on you. Oil-based cakes tend to keep a day or two longer than butter-based ones. (If you are looking to store cakes for longer than a week you could try freezing them.)
For frosted but uncut: The benefit of having a frosted, uncut cake, is that the frosting serves as a protective plastic wrap layer, keeping it protected from the air and moisture present in the environment. A frosted cake can be kept at room temperature for about 4-5 days. To keep it moist but also preserve frosting, cover it with a cake keeper or an overturned bowl. (don't use plastic wrap at all. It isn't necessary and would only smash the lovely frosting).
If the cake has already been frosted: You really need to think of a sliced cake as a living organism. As soon as you make that first cut, your cake will begin to loose moisture, causing the cake to go stale more quickly. If you are able to, try to cover the sliced edges with more frosting to protect the cake from moisture loss. The frosting will work as a seal. If you can't do that, press a piece of plastic wrap directly onto the sliced side and make sure it sticks. Then proceed with covering and storing the cake as for the un-cut version. Cut cake keeps for a little less time, about 3-4 days.
You don’t usually need to refrigerate your cake, whether your cake is frosted or unfrosted, cut or un-cut. They are perfectly fine at room temperature for several days. Refrigeration is really only necessary during really hot weather and your home gets very hot during the day. High temps and sugar creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Another reason to refrigerate is  if you're making a cake that won't be served for more than three days, like when baking cake ahead for a party or special occasion. If you do decide to refrigerate your cakes, make sure to wrap (unfrosted) cakes in plastic first to protect it from absorbing the odors in the fridge and to protect it from drying out. ( When you are ready to ice and serve it, make sure you unwrap it first and let it warm up on the counter. For cakes that are already frosted, chill the cake uncovered for fifteen minutes to harden the icing, then wrap it in plastic wrap.)
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