Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Simple Tips for the Dreamy Spring Wedding You’ve Always Wanted

Simple Tips for the Dreamy Spring Wedding You’ve Always WantedAs you shiver in the cold of winter, it’s easy to find yourself daydreaming about the beautiful wedding day you’re so eagerly planning. And if it’s a spring or summer wedding, you’ll likely go there more often. You think of all the flowers, the smell of the grass, the sunshine and all the happy faces you’ll be surrounded by. But then a thought creeps in and reminds you of all the little details that are still left to figure out and a sense of panic settles in. You don’t want to mess up a single thing; you want this day to be perfect. But how can you know it will be? How can you make sure you’ll have the wedding you’ve dreamed of without the stress and with all the happily ever after details? 
You think about what could go wrong, what could go right and you plan accordingly. That’s right. It’s not as stressful as you might think! However, one very important planning tip that I want to leave you with today is to let it go. Don’t let go of the planning and the details, but remember that even if things don’t go exactly according to plan, the day will still be beautiful if you focus on the point of the day. Think of a wet bar of soap. If you’re so afraid of dropping it that you squeeze it hard to keep it in your grip, it will fly out of your hands. So hold it palm up, strong and steady. Do that with your wedding and you won’t lose sight of the beauty of the day or of all the things that are going right. 
Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about the most important details for making sure your spring wedding is as dreamy as you imagined it.

Be Weather Wise.
We all know you’re hoping for a bright sunshiney day, but the truth is, you never can know for sure if that will happen, even if you live in California. Spring has a way of being unpredictable. Plan ahead and play it safe by choosing a venue with indoor and outdoor options. Make sure to alert your guests to this possibility as well so that they can come prepared. Speak to your venue director about lined paths, tents and awnings as well. You don’t want your reception or walk ways to have any mud on them and you definitely don’t want people or things to get wet!

Provide Umbrellas
It's spring, and as mentioned above, rain can happen. Why not stock the wedding party up with transparent umbrellas? You can assign ushers to walk people from their cars to the venue and to the reception as needed and it will all be very charming! If it rains, you'll be covered. If not, use them in the photos to remember your beautiful day! 

Elegantly Layer. 
Still along with the weather, we need to remember that Spring, with its traditionally warm, sunny days and cooler nights, is the best time of year to plan to include a warmer accessory or two in your bridal getup. Better yet, try on one of this year’s prettiest fashion trends: wedding gowns with sleeves. Keep the same ideas in mind when you’re picking out bridesmaid dresses and consider skipping the lightweight chiffon gowns in favor of fabric with a little more weight and warmth.

Color Pops. 
While pastels are almost always the first colors on our minds this time of year, spring weddings are great for punchier palettes, too. Bold, bright fuchsia is a particularly lovely way to set the tone, and the perfect complement to all of that fresh green grass — as are yellow, coral, and blue. Be sure to use complimentary colors to your wedding party and bring them into the flow of the ceremony and reception decor through simple seat and table ribbons!  

Light & Fluffy. 
Spring is a time of lightness and excitement. So let the food match. Stay away from heavy entrees and desserts and go with more fresh themes that feel light and easy on the belly. Your guests will be delighted that they still fit in their gorgeous gowns at the end of the day or evening!

Reserve Ahead of time! 
Spring may be before the real wedding rush begins, but it’s still a popular time of year to tie the knot. Make sure you book early, especially if you live in a place where hot summers push the wedding season forward. Don’t forget to take advantage of the season’s several holidays and look into booking a Sunday evening celebration to spread out the fun and potentially cut costs. Remember, even we at Ontario Bakery get booked for custom wedding cakes early, so call ahead and double check dates and orders so there's no confusion or details lost in the shuffle. 

Enjoy every moment.
Seasonal food, seasonal flowers, even seasonal favors — this is the best time of year to do it all. Everything is fresh and lovely, and it will certainly be a better fit for your budget than ordering summer blooms or fall vegetables. Plus, personalized packets of flower seeds make for a unique gift your guests can enjoy long after the last slice of cake is gone.

It’s time to sit back and be excited that your special day is coming so soon. Keep a checklist and check it twice, then let it go with grace; you're prepared! And Ontario Bakery is happy to meet your custom wedding day needs; so contact us today!

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