Monday, April 24, 2017

Simple Baking Tips for The Best Brownies Ever!

Simple Baking Tips for The Best Brownies Ever!It’s that time of year when the weather goes from warm to wet and it’s nice to have a plate of warm gooey brownies waiting for you after a long day. But making the perfect chewy chocolate dessert doesn’t have to be a challenge. It’s as simple as follow a few rules in the right way for the best after school or work snack you can imagine.

Only Use the Best Chocolate. It might feel like the simple solution to just get the easiest or least expensive brand, but you really want to go with a high-quality semisweet or bittersweet chocolate or cocoa when choosing your chocolate. Great brands include Scharrfen Berger, Saco, Ghirardelli, Droste, and Callebut chocolates.

Sift Your Cocoa Well. You don’t want to end up with powdered lumps in what should be smooth and velvety sweetness. So scoop the cocoa with a metal measuring spoon or cup, then sift or whisk gently with the flour.

Always Use the Right Pan. Using the right pan size and shape are important in any recipe, but it’s especially important when making brownies because the how deep the pan is, allows the batter to have that full tasted and rich texture. Shallow pans make chewy brownies while deeper pans make denser, cake-like bars.

Use a Spatula to Spread. It’s best to go with a small metal spatula because they’re better at spreading brownie batter and icing evenly. Goldman suggests dipping spatulas in hot water before using to keep brownie batter from sticking.

Don’t Over Cook. No one wants to end up with a pan full of hardened, dry bars. So to avoid this, place your brownie pans on baking sheets lined with parchment paper; this will keep the bottoms of the brownies from scorching before the tops are set.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about making your own brownies and now you know the secrets to making them just right. However, if it’s still too much to wrap your head around or you just don’t have the time, but still want the home-made touch, you Ontario Bakery can do it for you.  We’re the baking experts. Call us today to place your own, customized delicious order.

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