Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Simple Fun Birthday Ideas for Tween Girls That Are Hard to Please!

Simple Fun Birthday Ideas for Tween Girls That Are Hard to Please!

If you're planning a birthday party for a tween girl, you’re facing a big challenge. She doesn’t want the little girl stuff but she’s not quite ready for the big girl stuff either! So aside from knowing you need to stay away from the typical decor like balloons, banners or themed desserts, and the childhood games she’s outgrown, you need ideas that she’s going to find both fun and cool for her new age and stage!
Idea #1 Pamper Party
Invite a couple of your friends to be spa specialists (not the other girls mom’s preferably) to come and do the girls toes, nails and maybe even some facials. You could put face masks on them, paint their nails and toenails and even have stylish drinks with lemonade and grenadine with little umbrellas inside. If you want to go further with this one, book a makeup artist to do their make up and then bring them all to the movie and dinner later to show of their fabulous state.
#2. Tween’s Got Talent!
How about hosting a karaoke night?  You can rent out a machine at home or go out for the real experience!  Some places have age restrictions, but you usually have the option of renting out a little room out.  Add grabbing Chinese food to that mix and you've made a classic win.
#3. Take it Outside!
For a totally different feel, take the party outside and have an adventure day.  Here, you can go on a hike, build a raft, co canoeing.  If you have access to a lake or a little island, this is a great idea for everyone involved.
You could start things off with lunch out somewhere nice and then maybe they could get their nails done. Then have a movie night setup for when you get home, so they can put up their feet and chill into some more relaxing fun. Get some delicious treats and give the living room to them for a few hours. 

Sure, the tween years can be hard, but they can be fun too with the right attitude, creativity and planning! At Ontario Bakery, we know birthdays.  It's one of the celebrations we do best. We'd love to make this day even more incredible, so please, visit our California location or give us a call!

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