Thursday, August 10, 2017

Simple Tips to Celebrate Any Birthday Like a True Millennial

Simple Tips to Celebrate Any Birthday Like a True MillennialMillennials are known for being both easily bored as well as highly ambitious and it’s no wonder either, considering the time they’re living in. They’re living in an instantly entertained, instant solutions, anything is possible world. They can dream up any career and succeed at it with just some simple social media and the willingness to make a fool out of themselves for the cause.
So why should celebrating birthdays be any different? They don’t want just a simple gathering of people and slicing of the cake. They want it to be “the best birthday ever” and we’ve got the inside tips to making that happen.
And let it be known, that you don’t have to be a millennial to party like one. Sure, toss the daring lifestyle choices that don’t suit you, but what about trying on some of their free flying fun for size?
Here’s what you can do:
Starting with the most popular craze these days - go for #cakesmashing. It’s everything you loved about your toddler birthdays but experienced as an adult. You break the rules, you make a mess… you get to have your cake and eat it too! Start by getting the perfect cake; the right flavors, decorations and even filling if that’s what you like. Then, when it’s time to dig in, dive in. That’s right, smash your face into the cake and enjoy!
Take it further: Starting with the birthday star, proceed to pass the cake plate around until everyone’s taken a bite out of the pie. But be sure you get a picture of everyone’s bite so you can post it on social media later.
Wait… what? Yes, post the pictures on your favorite social media later, showing all the rule-breaking fun you had during the celebration.
Want to really be a millennial? Do the whole thing on Facebook or Instagram LIVE so the rest of your friends (who can’t be there) can enjoy the fun.
Millennial’s often get a bad rap for being lazy and entitled; and we won’t argue that that can be the case. However, many of them are out there making great things happen, following their dreams, breaking records (and breaking rules) all in the name of seeing what’s possible - and even fun.
So why not celebrate like a millennial, throw caution (and your manners) to the wind and dive into the messy, delicious fun? It might feel strange at first, but who knows? You might find yourself on a whole new level of living and enjoying your life in ways you didn’t know possible. 
But it all starts with cake, right? So if you’re in the Irvine area and want the perfect cake made for your cake smashing fun, contact us at Ontario Bakery and we’ll give you just the cake you need.

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