Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Simple Tips to De-Stress Any Pregnant Mom ( so she can feel human again! )

While pregnancy is a beautiful miracle, it’s hard to remember that as your body expands and grows in not-so-comfortable ways. So if there’s a woman in your life, preparing for a new and miraculous next phase, there’s a chance she’s feeling a little off and uncomfortable, not to mention totally exhausted. So the best thing you can do for her is to pamper her with relaxation, and every ounce of support you can find. Need some ideas? We hoped you’d ask.

Simple Tips to De-Stress Any Pregnant Mom ( so she can feel human again! )

Capture Her Beauty.

When a woman feels like her body is changing faster than she can catch up, she needs to be celebrated for how beautiful she is, no matter how new it all might be. So hire an expert photographer to take some gorgeous photos of her during the most miraculous time of her life. 

Book Her the Best Massage Ever. 

Right now, just about every joint and muscle on her body hurts. So give her the gift of either a one day massage or a package where she can be seen weekly. After all, everything in her body is moving and it’s hard for her muscles and bones to keep up! Massage is just the ticket. Oh - and keep a tissue box nearby; this act of kindness will likely bring her to tears! 

Spa Pedicure With the Works.

All those body changes do a number on the feet and deserve some relief. Spa pedicures go above and beyond, providing the mother to be with some extra care and love for her very tired feet. Make sure they’re good at the massage; it’s the best part!

The Right Food.

Every pregnancy comes with it’s own special cravings. So do her a favor and ask her what she’s been craving! Sometimes it’s just that she’s craving sweets, salty foods, oily fatty, or fresh and light. Use this info to call in a personalized order to her favorite restaurant, smoothie bar or bakery to make sure you bring her just what she’s needing and you’ll be the life saver she was waiting for. 

Buy Her Comfort.

Buy her a body pillow; it’s honestly one of the best gifts you can give her, as they can be positioned in any way needed for her comfort, whether sleeping, sitting or even laboring! And also, get her a lavender scented container of epsom salts. They work powerfully to relax sore, stiff muscles and will carry her from bath time to dream time in no time at all.

A pregnant woman will love and enjoy all of the listed ideas from the bottom of her heart. For any other sweet hearted needs, know that Ontario Bakery is your go to stop for custom baked cakes and desserts for just about any occasion. Call today and see what we can do for you!

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