Saturday, August 26, 2017

Beat the End of Summer Blues for Kids Heading Back to School!

The Best Way to Beat the End of Summer Blues for Kids Heading Back to School Summer is the best time of year for most kids because they’re busy running free, exploring and basking in the elements of water and sun. So when it’s time for school to start again, they’d like to be anywhere but here. We think one of the best ways to to beat the back to school blues is to transition with celebration.
At the end of the school year, you always have a party congratulating the end of another year. But if you started throwing a party welcoming your kids to the next level of living; ages and grades, they’re sure to find it far more exciting!
So how do you throw such a party? It’s all really simple actually, you just treat it like a typical graduation or birthday party with a few minor but meaningful twists.

First on the list is to figure out where you want to celebrate; do you want to meet somewhere else that hosts parties, at a park or in your own home? This will help you determine how many people you want to invite and all the details that go with that.

Some ideas you could use are water parks, family fun centers, indoor trampoline gyms or rock climbing warehouses, where they can do a last hoorah of wildness together, before the true focus starts.

Once you’ve decided where you want to meet up, it’s time to put the list of who you want to invite together. Make sure there are at least a few from your child's school, especially from their grade and a grade above them. If you're child is going to be at a new school this year, hurry up and get on some local parent forums, the local neighborhood kids that will be attending or even connect with the school itself to help you find a couple other families to connect with ahead of time.

Make your own invites and either mail or hand deliver them. But try to make the party for the week of school or just after it starts. This is especially good timing because you know people will be in town! s the chance to join in as well. Hey, if you're feeling especially brave, do both!

Lastly, this is a party, so make sure there's a cake and even some gifts or party favors to pass around. You could gift each child a journal or a pack of nice pens, art supplies, or even a good fiction book that they can all read together during the school year to take their minds off of the learning. They will really appreciate this. As for the cake, who doesn't appreciate cake? At Ontario Bakery, you can even order yours fully customized. Put all the student names on the cake, or their school, or mascot.. the options are endless and always delicious! Ring in the new school year with fun and celebration, because your child should feel excited about the next phase of their lives, supports and with plenty of sweets along the way!

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